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What Happened Then? (1934) HD online

What Happened Then? (1934) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Crime / Mystery / Romance
Original Title: What Happened Then?
Director: Walter Summers
Writers: Lillian Trimble Bradley,Walter Summers
Released: 1934
Duration: 58min
Video type: Movie
Young Raymond Rudford,sculptor, is on trial for slitting the throat of his uncle, who had adopted and raised him after Raymond's parent's died when he was a young boy. The prosecution allows his motive was fear of being disinherited if he married his fiancé, the fair Alicia Atherton, against his uncle's wishes, and the prosecution lays a mountain of evidence against Raymond, including his razor, dragged from an artificial lake on the estate, as the murder weapon; Raymond's bloody fingerprints and footprints found at the scene of bedroom crime, and his bloody shoes, found in his cupboard and bloody monogrammed-handkerchief found under his uncle's death bed. Raymond's only defense is that he could not have committed the crime as he goes into a paroxysm of dread at the mere sight of blood, a phobia he has had ever since childhood when his dog was run over by a lorry and the dog's blood was splattered into his face. But the jury doesn't buy that and he is found guilty and sentenced to ...
Cast overview:
Richard Bird Richard Bird - Peter Bromley
Lorna Hubbard Lorna Hubbard - Alicia Altherton (as Lorna Storm)
Geoffrey Wardwell Geoffrey Wardwell - Raymond Rudford
Francis L. Sullivan Francis L. Sullivan - Richard Bentley, Prosecution Counsel
Richard Gray Richard Gray - Robert
George Zucco George Zucco - Inspector Hull
Quinton McPherson Quinton McPherson - Kirkland (as Quentin McPhearson)
Lawrence Hanray Lawrence Hanray - Dr. Bristol (as Laurence Hanray)
Stella Arbenina Stella Arbenina - Mrs. Bromley
Cecil Ramage Cecil Ramage - Defense
J. Fisher White J. Fisher White - Judge

Reviews: [2]

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    Difficult to understand the high Mark for this rather weak quota quickie produced by British International Pictures.If the plot was not bad enough the acting,particularly by Richard Bird is beyond belief.He doesn't just chew the scenery he wolf's it down in one bite.I suppose that this was their idea of showing madness in that era.Raymond Huntley is hypnotized into falsely admitting to the murder.Difficult to realise that he was relatively young when he made this film.George Zucco appears briefly as a policeman and Francis L Sullivan appears as counsel for the prosecution.QUOTA Quickies can be well made despite the low budget and the speed with which the film had to be made,however this definitely not one of them and was destined for oblivion the day after they were released.No doubt the actors would wish to forget their participation.
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    I am inserting reviews for all films I'v seen that so far lack one, as with most I can't really recommend this effort, review... This 'murder mystery' is little more than a filmed play, rich old unpopular uncle gets his throat slit one night, all the evidence points to his orphaned nephew, who was threatened with disinheritance as his uncle disapproved of his plans to marry, but is he guilty? It is very stagy, but worst that that it's not well acted and the story-line is poor, it has two points in it's favor, it's short 55m and the reason I tracked it down the great G.Zucco makes a couple of brief appearances as the investigating policeman, so overall OK. The DVD-r I saw may have been cut it ran 54m32s was a 'soft' copy and jammed occasionally, I wonder why the previous people who rated this film thought better of it? Oh almost forgot, I watched this 2 months ago, when I got round to this review I had forgotten the film, so had to watch it again to do the review!