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Rollicking Red's Big Lark (1912) HD online

Rollicking Red's Big Lark (1912) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Comedy / Western
Original Title: Rollicking Redu0027s Big Lark
Released: 1912
Video type: Movie
Rollicking Red is an outlaw who is being pursued by the sheriff and his posse, including Joe Curtis. The outlaw evades his pursuers by doubling back on his tracks in time to see Joe fall from his horse. The posse ride on ignorant of the accident. Red rides back to Joe, helps him on his horse, then after tying a handkerchief over his eyes, takes him to his shack. He gets Joe's promise that he will not tell what he sees, and removes the bandage from his eyes. He dresses Joe's wounds, and cooks his meals, etc., until he has recovered sufficiently to ride home. Again blindfolding him, he takes the young man within sight of his place, removes the handkerchief, and points out the way to him. Joe gets home safely, and later, when a new sheriff is wanted, Joe runs and is elected. One morning a man from another county brings Joe a note from the sheriff of another county, and a placard asking for the arrest of Rollicking Red. Joe recognizes the picture to be his friend of the shack. Thinking it...
Cast overview:
Jack Conway Jack Conway - Rollicking Red
Sherman Bainbridge Sherman Bainbridge - Joe Curtis - the Sheriff