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Super Tom (2016) HD online

Super Tom (2016) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Comedy / Drama
Original Title: Super Tom
Director: Xinyi Wang
Writers: Xinyi Wang,Xinyi Wang
Released: 2016
Duration: 17min
Video type: Movie
Tom desired to be a comic book writer and his girlfriend wishes him to grow up and be a real man with a real job. Tom becomes a super hero by stopping a robbery at the local market.
Credited cast:
Olivia DiNino Olivia DiNino - Stephanie
Paula Lauzon Paula Lauzon - Betty
Joshua Robertson Joshua Robertson - Evan
Aaron David Aaron David - Lucas
Oscar Kwok Oscar Kwok - David
Alexander Topolsky Alexander Topolsky - Tom
Alex Neil Miller Alex Neil Miller - Jack (as Alexander Neil Miller)
Mark Galle Sr. Mark Galle Sr. - George
Joseph Martone Joseph Martone - Albert
Kasi Adams Kasi Adams - Nina
Gavin Hagey Gavin Hagey - Robert
Matt Carothers Matt Carothers - Bruce
Troy Galle Troy Galle - Dade
Jacob Fischer Jacob Fischer - Jackson
Ashley Bowden Ashley Bowden - Bianca