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Language: English
Category: TV Series / Documentary / Drama / History
Original Title: Alcheringa
Duration: 15min
Video type: TV Series
This series uses the technique of re-enactment to depict the ways of life of Aboriginal inhabitants of Australia, prior to the arrival of Europeans, including the methods used to make implements, the uses to which these were put, how they traded and how food was gathered and prepared. The main characters in the series are a man, his wife and their two children and the series was produced in the hope that it would give future generations of Australians a better understanding of Aboriginal peoples, especially their achievements. Authentic Aboriginal music forms a background to the series and special efforts were made during the shoot to ensure that no exotic flora was shown. In each episode the opening sequence is followed by Bill Onus providing specific commentary that serves to frame the action. At the end of each episode, Onus reflects on what has been shown and anticipates the next episode. The series was used extensively in 2001 in a series for upper primary school children, called...
Series cast summary:
John Morgan John Morgan - Himself (Narrator) 12 episodes, 1962
Bill Onus Bill Onus - Himself (Presenter) 12 episodes, 1962

Frank Few is an American-born director who also made some of the first wildlife or nature documentaries in Australia.

Host Bill Onus is a Yorta Yorta man.

The cast members were all Aboriginal.

Alcheringa in the language of Australian indigenous people means "the Dreaming".