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Night of Bloody Horror (1969) HD online

Night of Bloody Horror (1969) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Horror
Original Title: Night of Bloody Horror
Director: Joy N. Houck Jr.
Writers: Joy N. Houck Jr.,Robert A. Weaver
Released: 1969
Duration: 1h 29min
Video type: Movie
Wesley goes out on a killing spree while experiencing the nightmares of his brother, who was murdered 13 years ago.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Gerald McRaney Gerald McRaney - Wesley Stuart
Gaye Yellen Gaye Yellen - Angelle Miliot
Herbert Nelson Herbert Nelson - Dr. Bennett Moss
Evelyn Hendricks Evelyn Hendricks - Agatha Stuart
Lisa Dameron Lisa Dameron - Susan Collins
Charlotte White Charlotte White - Kay Jensen
Nick Krieger Nick Krieger - Lt. James Cole (as Nicholous Krieger)
Michael Anthony Michael Anthony - Mario Spanelli
Bert Roberts Bert Roberts - Mark Lewis
Gordon Ogden Gordon Ogden - Tucker Fredricks
Murray Solow Murray Solow - Bartender
Nigel Strangeways Nigel Strangeways - Hood
Burt Love Burt Love - Hood
Louis Grapes Louis Grapes - Hood
George Spelvin George Spelvin - Priest

As a promotional gimmick, families of theater patrons were offered $1,000 if relatives died watching the film.

The theatrical trailer was narrated by Stacy Harris.

Released as a double feature with Joy N. Houck Jr.'s Women and Bloody Terror (1970).

First acting role for Gerald McRaney.

Reviews: [15]

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    Night of Bloody Horror is certainly not accurately named, but if you get into the atmosphere of '60s and '70s low budget exploitation films, then you'll probably enjoy this campy Psycho copy. There's some great music, some performed in club scenes by a noisy psychedelic band called The Bored; and great kitschy visual effects, like the swirling lights Wesley sees before a murder happens. Plus it has that wonderful, sickly faded color that is a must for any great "psychotronic" movie.

    The film starts slow, but reveals Wesley's haunted past little by little through creepy childhood flashbacks while simultaneously establishing the unhealthy relationship he has with his bitter, domineering mother. It doesn't keep all of its secrets well, but the sick revelation of the ending is memorable and entertaining. There's a lot of cheese value, but underneath it all is a decent little psychological horror movie.
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    Pretty good low budget regional horror flick from the director of the classic 'Creature From Black Lake'. It does have some problems, though; Gerald McRaney's acting job does a complete meltdown every so often, there's the psychedelic music video intermission and just why the heck do all those hot chicks fall instantly head over heels for this suspected serial killer?! On the plus side; it moves along at a good pace and director Houck keeps the camera moving. It also contains some ahead of it's time violent murders (including a twisted confessional scene). All in all it's above average and well worth a look to horror/exploitation fans. Tis a shame there wasn't more flicks lensed in good ol' Violent Vision!
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    Troubled young guy Wesley Stuart (hysterically overplayed with eye-rolling aplomb by a then unknown and scrawny Gerald McRaney of "Major Dad" and "Simon & Simon" fame) suffers from terrible nightmares and experiences periodic blackouts. Meanwhile, people around Wesley keep turning up dead. Could Wesley possibly be a deranged psycho? Man, does this choice chunk of fetid grindhouse cheese possess all the right cruddy ingredients to qualify as a prime piece of entertaining dime-store trash: The plodding (mis)direction by Joy N. Houck Jr. (who also co-wrote the talky script), a wonky droning synthesizer score, the hopelessly tacky stylized cinematography that boasts plenty of jaw-dropping "groovy" dated touches (dig the ghastly solarization and that funky psychedelic whirlpool optical that flashes on the screen whenever Wesley flips out), the choppy editing, the total dearth of suspense, the sub-par gore effects, an agonizingly awful appearance by the dreadful rock group The Bored, and the grindingly predictable story all give this clunker a certain endearingly wretched charm. Moreover, McRaney's hammy histrionics are an absolute gut-busting hoot to watch. Evelyn Hendricks as Wesley's overbearing shrew of a mother Agatha likewise ravenously chews up and spits out her own fair share of the scenery (and sports a set of terrifyingly unsightly jagged teeth that are without a doubt the single scariest thing in the entire picture!). Fun junk.
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    This was another of those cheap low-budget horror movies I remember seeing in newspaper ads or television commercials on late night as a child in the '70s and wondering what they would be like. The version I watched on YouTube was a little faded and washed out but I saw clearly enough to understand what was going on and enjoy a little. I say a little since with the running time being about ninety minutes, there's not enough time to give too deep characterizations as to motive for the various murders that happen here. As the lead suspect, a young Gerald McRaney is pretty adequate in one of his earliest roles (though he must have considered himself the luckiest man with the women he kissed here). There's also a nightclub scene with a local rock band called The Bored that has a few sixties moments like having some frames printed in negative form with some painted colors added. (and can you dig the cyclone-like special effects that depicts McRaney's "migranes"?) Despite the tagline being "Keep telling yourself, It's only a picture, only a picture...", I don't think the few gore scenes were all that scary, in fact, they looked a bit fake. So on that note, Night of Bloddy Horror is no great shakes though it's not completely boring either. P.S. The theatre that was playing this movie in the late '70s (and perhaps the late '60s as well when this was first released) was the now-defunct Joy's Robert E. Lee one which had four screens during a time when most cinemas in our area had just two. The movie house I just mentioned was perhaps one of 200 owned by one Joy N. Houck, Sr. whose son, Joy Jr., was this film's director. By the way, my neighboring city New Orleans (where Joy Jr. was born) was the location used for filming.
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    ...but contains some great library music (from the synthnoise opening theme to the unsettling dream sequence toward the end of the film) and is full of cheap, dingy atmosphere. Gerald McRaney of "Simon and Simon" and "Major Dad" delivers a ridiculously overwrought performance as Wesley, a grumpy, balding young fella prone to crippling headaches. His girlfriends are being bumped off one after another, the police are leaning on him, and Wesley's corpse-faced mother obviously harbors a deep resentment for her troubled son. What's going on? Is Wesley a killer? You'll have the story figured out less than halfway through the film. "Night of Bloody Horror" offers up quite a few tasty morsels for bad-movie fans, including a long scene featuring The Bored--a six- or seven-man psychedelic ensemble with the worst vocalist ever--and a wonderful moment in which Wesley's mother harangues him for "having no respect". McRaney has taken all the maternal abuse he can withstand; he twists his face into a disgusted grimace and snarls, "Why? For god's sake...WHY?!" before storming out of the room. William Shatner would be proud!
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    I could think of approximately a dozen other and more appropriate titles to name this film, but "Night of the Bloody Horror" certainly isn't one of them. Okay, I realize the creators just picked out of bunch of appealing key words that are likely to raise an interest among horror fans, but any movie title should at least be a bit relevant, don't you think? None of the main events - not even the finale – happen during the night, the film honestly isn't that bloody and it definitely isn't horrific. But still I suppose you can't be overly harsh or negative-minded when watching "Night of the Bloody Horror". This is the third film directed by Joy N. Houck Jr. that I've seen (alongside "The Brain Machine" and "Creature from the Black Lake"), and I can already make some vast establishments & generalizations regarding his entire repertoire. First of all, the good man clearly never experienced the pleasure of working with a halfway decent budget! All three films that I've watched were obviously made on a shoestring budget and therefore lacked proper editing, adequate lighting & photography and convincing make-up effects. On the other hand I also have to admit that the films don't really suffer that much from their own cheapness. They're all spirited and enthusiastically made mini horror-productions that attempt to cash in on contemporary classic genre titles. "Psycho" heavily inspires this film and it nearly goes over the top in trying to equal the same sinister atmosphere as Alfred Hitchcock's classic milestone. The script introduces Wesley Stuart; a thirty-something bachelor who clearly has a whole lot of issues to deal with. He has an uncanny & dominating mother (don't they all?), he spent 13 years in an asylum for accidentally causing his younger brother's death and regularly suffers from excruciating headaches that are illustrated through cheap 'n cheesy blue spirals. When two of his girlfriends are found brutally murdered (after the strange headaches caused a temporary blackout), the police automatically assume that Wesley resumed his old murderous habits again. "Night of Bloody Horror" is an okay time-waster, but it naturally doesn't feature any surprise elements or genuine thrills. The finale is embarrassingly predictable and the murders are substandard. The biggest problem, to me, is that Wesley Stuart is such a boring and faceless protagonist! Half an hour into the movie, I was still thinking: "Wait…who's this guy again? Oh right, he's the main character!" Gerald McRaney apparently went on to have a very successful career in television, but he totally lacks the charisma to play the lead role here. Another dreadful thing to endure here is the overload of needless and annoying padding material. In order to lengthen the film a bit, Houck Jr. adds pointless collages of Wesley's relationships and – even more irritating – endless footage of a rock band playing in a local redneck bar. The band's name is The Bored, by the way. Well, they surely inflect their name on to the viewers. "Night of Bloody Horror" isn't really worth checking out, except maybe if you're a very tolerant fan of no-budget horror.
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    Low-budget mess starring a young Gerald McRaney (boy, was he skinny) is mostly pointless and boring, but does have a few unintentionally funny moments.

    My favorite part is when the cops haul Major Dad in as a suspect in the murders of two of his girlfriends and demand to know if he's a fag. Another good scene is the fistfight that takes place on the dance floor of a nightclub in the middle of the obligatory late-1960s psychedelic band's ultrahip set -- without anyone noticing.

    The movie undoubtedly would have been better off going for more splatter instead of trying to build suspense in its obviously "Psycho"-inspired way, especially since what few gore scenes there are are amusingly fake. Remember pretending to be impaled as a kid by holding a fake sword under your armpit? That's the level of sophistication here.

    Not the biggest piece of crap ever, but definitely not that good either. Oh well, at least it was filmed in "Violent Vision" (tm).
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    Saw this as a kid at a drive in in Connecticut and I remember it scaring me. I bought a DVD made by Cheezy Flicks Entertainment to watch. DO NOT BUY THIS DVD! It looks like it was copied from a very poor VHS tape and the soundtrack goes off sync permanently after 20 minutes. I did contact the company to complain and never heard back. It ruined my viewing of an old memory. Oh yea, about the film... It's not as scary as I remember. The film is poorly made, edited badly and there are some laugh out loud moments. In one scene you can see the dead body's eyelids moving and she's visibly breathing! Plus no one can act their way out of a paper bag. You can guess who did it early on. On the plus side the clothes and furnishing of the houses are great! It's amazing what poor taste people had at the time. And what was Gerald McRaney thinking walking around with out a shirt on! Someone with a build like that should not only keep their shirt on but wear a male burka.
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    Horror? Hahaha! This is a trashy so-called thriller that is slightly reminiscent of Hitchcock's Psycho. Only that this one is totally predictable and full of gore. Gerald McRaney gives a good performance, but it doesn't save the film from mediocrity. There is almost no suspense, in fact waiting to see if the next scene is worse than the one you are watching is far more suspenseful. Really, one would try hard to find a movie with more fake special effects than this one; the sound is often unsynchronized, while the red paint you keep in the basement would have worked better in the gore scenes! Anyway, this one's for the cult trash fans, like me.

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    Could a horror film title be any more generic than Night of Bloody Horror? It's as if writer/director Joy N. Houck Jr. gathered together a whole load of words from other horror titles, arranged them in three columns, and randomly picked one word from column A, one from Column B and one from Column C. Even the tag-line—Keep telling yourself, It's only a picture!—is about as unremarkable as it gets.

    The amazing thing is, as mundane as the title is, the film itself is actually quite entertaining, an engaging '60s psycho horror with reasonable performances, quite a bit of surprisingly vicious violence, some groovy psychedelic 60s trappings (including a musical interlude featuring a band called The Bored), a few curvaceous babes (with some brief nudity in the opening scene), and an enjoyably daft denouement clearly inspired by Hitchcock's Psycho.

    Star of the film is Gerald McRaney, who plays mentally fragile youth Wesley, who has spent the last thirteen years in a mental institution after accidentally shooting and killing his brother, and who now desperately wants to readjust to normal life. The problem is that Wesley suffers from sudden migraines followed by blackouts, after which someone close to him usually turns up dead, making him a prime murder suspect. First to go is Wes's girlfriend, who gets a knife in the eye while taking confession; sexy nurse Kate, who tends to Wes after he is beaten up outside a bar, gets a hatchet in her chest; Dr. Moss, Wes's psychologist, has his hand cut off and gets a chopper in the head.

    It doesn't take a genius to figure out that **Spoiler alert!** Wes isn't the one doing the killing**End of spoiler alert!** and the real identity of the murderer should come as no surprise to most, but that doesn't affect the fun. Give this one a go if '60s drive-in schlock is your bag.

    6.5 out of 10, rounded up to 7 for IMDb.
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    This is a pretty terrible Horror film, that's quite boring, with cheesy gore effects, and a routine story. All the characters are so,so, and while I did like the twist ending, it was basically the only bright spot in the film, however Gerald McRaney gives an amusing show as Wesley. With this title, You'd probably expect this to have a lot of blood, well it Doesen't, and Evelyn Hendricks is amusing as Wesley's mother, plus it's incredibly cheap looking, and very amateurish as well. It's poorly made and written, and there is an unintentionally funny moment, when Wesley is getting drunk, and his friend, asks him to leave, so he smashes the bottle, and threatens to slash his throat with it, as that cracked me up for some reason, plus not much happens, and the death scenes are really quite dull. The blood is laughable looking, as it clearly looks like red paint, and I got this in a horror DVD horror set called Back From The Grave, with a bunch of other horror films, plus it was hard to pay attention in some scenes because it wasn't all that interesting. This is a pretty terrible Horror film. that's quite boring, with cheesy gore effects, and a routine story, and I say avoid it. The Direction is pretty bad. Joy N. Houck Jr. does a pretty bad job here with so,so camera work, and keeping the film at a dull pace. The Acting isn't much better. Gerald McRaney is amusing as Wesley, and is OTT, he was fun to watch, and was quite likable, he did good. Gaye Yellen is not very good as the love interest, she wasn't convincing, and overacted at times, especially near the ending. Herbert Nelson is not very good as the Doc, he just says his lines, and stands around with a strange look on his face, as I didn't buy his performance. Evelyn Hendricks is decent as the mother, and went totally OTT at the end. Rest of the cast are terrible. Overall avoid!. * out of 5
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    Thirteen years ago, Wesley Stuart (Gerald McRaney, pre-mustache) shot and killed his kid brother, Jonathan. He has just been released from a mental institution and is living with his domineering mother (Evelyn Hendricks). Given his violent history (and plain looks), it's remarkable how many women Wesley attracts. Even more remarkable is that these women all turn up murdered, and always after Wesley has one of the nightmares that plagues him.

    NIGHT OF BLOODY HORROR (which really takes place over several nights) bears the hallmarks of a psychotronic film. The whole thing is in sickly faded color, like a 1960s Polaroid come to life. There are kitschy visual effects, like the swirls of light that Welsey sees just before a murder happens. There's a club scene with an annoying psychedelic band called The Bored (I know how they feel). We see the requisite gallons of red paint that don't resemble human blood. There's a severed hand that's clearly made of rubber (or something similar). On a few occasions, the dialogue is garbled because the boom mike was up too high.

    The film is quite tedious between murder scenes. And the murders themselves don't really show a lot. Fans of blood and gore will likely be disappointed. I also figured out the ending long before it occurred. There's nothing to set NIGHT OF BLOODY HORROR apart from many other low-budget PSYCHO rip-offs. If you want a movie about a disturbed young man's dysfunctional relationship with his mother, see the Hitchcock film instead. Trust me, it's time far better spent!
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    It's obvious this film was inspired by Psycho. That is not necessarily a bad thing. This is not a carbon copy of Psycho but it's very similar to the Hitchcock classic it's just not nearly as good as Psycho.

    I would say that Night of Bloody Horror (1969) has it's entertainment value for a small audience - including myself. The film is not good but it's not all that bad either, it's sorta in-between.

    Gerald McRaney from Major Dad is in this film. It's cool to see a film he started out in.

    Overall this one isn't a great horror-thriller but it is good for something slightly different if you enjoy movies similar to Psycho.

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    The madness never stops! Movies such as this have been rediscovered by yours truly as a purpose, to dig out what we haven't exploited before, and have missed. Here's where I come in handy! Who on this IMDb site has ever seen NIGHT OF BLOODY HORROR, starring a famous, well-known Gerald McRaney? His offbeat role as a murderous maniac should give you a hint. It does have some neat psychedelic visuals, including a useless club hangout scene with lights flashing. It's hard to follow along right until the very end, but it makes common sense as a "schlock"-fest that shows some cheesy gore effects. If your stomach won't churn it up, then don't watch it!
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    TV star Gerald MacRaney probably left this off his resume when he was palling around with Bush and Quayle during his "Major Dad" heyday. Mac plays Wesley Stuart, a nice boy with a pretty effed up past. He's done some time in the looney bin, but still meets some pretty groovy chicks to shag. Only problem is, they usually end up dead! Wesley lives with his mom in a nice little house, but she's got a major chip on her shoulder since Wesley accidentally killed his brother. "Trippy" shots, psychedelic flashes and even a bad band surface in this strangely acted little relic. And there's really no bloody horror to speak of. However, the ending is nice and grimy and if there had been as much care given to the rest of the movie as there is to the end, it could have been a classic guilty pleasure. As it is, it's just so-so.