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The Bully (1951) HD online

The Bully (1951) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama / Short
Original Title: The Bully
Director: Arthur H. Wolf
Writers: Margaret Travis
Released: 1951
Duration: 10min
Video type: Movie
Chuck is the local high school bully, a big, strong kid who always picks on the smaller, weaker ones. He plans to raise hell at the class picnic, but one of his gang leaks his plans to the other kids, who have to decide what to do about him.
Credited cast:
Arden Booth Arden Booth - Narrator

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    Chick, leader of a gang of uh, pre-pubescent children, (he looks to be 17, the kids, 10-11) threaten to spoil the plans of the other kids in his class's plans for a picnic. The group is stymied over what to do when they come up with an ingenious plan! A VERY puzzling film which features almost grown up adults being threatened by wimpy looking 10-12 year olds who look so thin, one wonders how much damage they can do. The plans they come up with to disrupt the picnic (dumping mud on the table! Setting off firecrackers!) seem ludicrous but just the thought of this terrify the older folk. The acting in this also is BAD, like SERIOUSLY. Proceed at your own caution, highly recommended!
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    Chick Allen is the local neighborhood bully who forces all the younger kids to join his crew of 10 year old boys who spend their days wreaking havoc upon the teenagers in the neighborhood. Chick delights in setting the plans of those around him ablaze. In the gang's most daring exploit yet they get word of a class picnic at Riverside Park. Chick develops a master plan the wreck the picnic. As Chick is making his way to the top of the FBI's most wanted list, young Skipper faces a serious moral dilemma after Chick coerces him into the gang. Should he go along with Chick's plans or should he tell his older sister Ginger (and yes I know these are the most 50s names possible)? The movie ends without resolution. As with a lot of these educational films, the movie stops before a climax can be reached. This is most likely where students would talk about how Skipper should deal with the situation. The best reason to watch this movie is that it is unintentionally hilarious. Most of these films are but The Bully has to be some kind of crown of it, because it so misses the mark about bullying that it's almost hard to take it seriously. The best way to watch this is on Doug Walker's That Guy Riffs. Give it a go.