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5 Doors  HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama
Original Title: 5 Doors
Director: Chris Matrone
Writers: Chris Matrone
Video type: Movie
The story follows a Drifter, who finds himself on a journey of life and death after waking up in the backseat of a 1986 Lincoln town car. The Driver of the car, a mysterious old man, tells him that he owes a debt, and the only way to pay the debt is to go through 5 Doors. The Drifter is guided through the 5 Doors by a man in a red and black suit named Lu, a charming enigma who takes an interest in The Drifter's journey. As he goes through the doors, The Drifter meets individuals who offer different perspectives on life, love, and the meaning of happiness, as well as the reasoning behind how The Drifter had ended up in the doors in the first place. What starts out as a seemingly mundane and simple task, turns into a spiritual quest of redemption, self-realization, and the acceptance of one's mortality.
Cast overview:
Chris Matrone Chris Matrone - The Drifter
Arno Austin Arno Austin - Lu
Mike Sutton Mike Sutton - The Driver
Mark Lyons Mark Lyons - Joseph
Greg Genute Greg Genute - Michael
Eleri Ever Eleri Ever - Diana
Kylie Balish Kylie Balish - Gabby
Rosie Sklar Rosie Sklar - Ashlyn