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Ibrahim Labyad (2009) HD online

Ibrahim Labyad (2009) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Action / Drama
Original Title: Ibrahim Labyad
Director: Marwan Hamed
Writers: Aboelhassan Abbas
Released: 2009
Budget: EGP 26,000,000
Duration: 2h 14min
Video type: Movie
In their very early age of innocence, a young boy and his neighboring girl, the two kids growing up in the same tangled allies and dark narrow paths of one of all time Cairo's many government-neglected, crime infested, gang controlled dark neighborhood... They were destined to fall for each other beyond their comprehension. It's this very same slums with its vicious gang circles that will lay its curse on their doomed life turning them from lovers into avenging enemies with lonely longing hearts eventually taking everyone else down with them.
Credited cast:
Ahmed el-Sakka Ahmed el-Sakka - Ibrahim
Hind Sabri Hind Sabri - Horeya (as Hend Sabri)
Amr Waked Amr Waked - Ashry
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Mahmoud Abdel Aziz Mahmoud Abdel Aziz - Abdul-Malek Zarzur
Sawsan Badr Sawsan Badr - Horeya's Mother
Nedal El Shafey Nedal El Shafey - Ghannam (as Nedal El Shafel)
Ahmad El-Garhi Ahmad El-Garhi - Security Guard (as Ahmed El Garhy)
Mohamed Farouk Mohamed Farouk - Sayed Shiba
Hesham Ismail Hesham Ismail - Grocer (as Hisham Ismail)
Sayed Ragab Sayed Ragab - Serag
Bassem Samra Bassem Samra - Mahdy
Doaa Teama Doaa Teama - Fitna
Hanan Turk Hanan Turk - Ibrahim's Mother
Farah Youssef Farah Youssef - Narjess

Most of the locations in the movie were built from scratch for the movie. Inspired by real unauthorized housing areas in Egypt, but with more controllable environment.

Based on true events of the life of Ibrahim El Abyad

Reviews: [5]

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    I was totally shocked when i watched the movie, i was like, OH MY GOD, is that an Egyptian movie ?! People who went to watch it before i did, kept telling me that it sucks, but actually it made me wanna see it more, and i did, and i loved it. The audience is criticizing this movie so bad saying that it hasn't a good story, u know what they're not totally mistaken in my opinion. i mean the story is not bad at all, and it's not that great, but u don't have to come up with a great story to have a great movie. Millions of other factors play a big role in judging a movie. For me the acting was superb, Mahmoud Abdel Aziz is back to his best, though i didn't like his overdid religious jokes in the movie, Ahmed Elsakka was Brilliant as he is LATELY, Hend Sabry once more proves that she's the best Arabian actress nowadays, and last but not least Amr Waked who was the biggest surprise as he did put in an incredible performance and the most reliable one. The direction by Marawan Hamed was exactly what he needed to do after his Masterpiece, YACOUBIAN BUILDING, he truly made us live the movie entirely, he did an amazing job shooting the fights, the best in the Egyptian history.

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    fire dancer


    While the movie is full of bloody scenes and extreme violence; It still shows some very true aspects of life in underground Cairo. Dealing narcotics, murder crimes and more of what a tourist would never see in a trip to Cairo. Love, on the other side is very obvious in the movie between Houriya and Ebraheem; The characters played their roles in a very professional way making the viewers live each second of the movie as if it was going in real time. It is a great movie if you want to know what happens in Cairo "below those bridges" when you travel from above..
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    Everybody saw this movie kept telling me that it's so bad movie.But when i saw it i really knew that they were's a great movie and one of the best Egyptian movies ever made.the script is very good the acting is awesome and though the main character "AHMED EL .." wasn't as great as the others "MAHMOUD" played a great role one of the best in his life and also "Amer waked" .this film worth watching not only one it and it gonna be one of your favorites.THE SCENES WERE VERY VIOLENT AND HAVE A A LOT OF BLOOD BUT THAT DIDN'T AFFECT THE VIEWING.THE DIALOGUE LINES WERE PERFECT AND FIT THE CHARACTERS AND THE OVERALL CLIMATE OF THE MOVIE.MARWIN HAMMED IS A GREAT REALLY GREAT DIRECTOR
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    I've been warned by a few people about how violent this movie is. Wife decided she's not interested in watching it, so I bought some Chinese food from T&T and watched it on my home alone day (Saturday atm as wife works on them).

    The start was pretty intense already, and the story only gets better and better. The music was absolutely stunning I recorded some and the violence was uhm, appealing? For some reason I liked how gory it was, although I stopped watching gore-heavy movies long time ago.

    The only negative comments I got (1 start off!) would be

    1. Some plot twists are absolutely meaningless, I forgot when that happened because I got too high but I did tell my wife about them, so they happened.

    2. The ending: Marawan Hamed forced it to be as emotional as possible, causing everyone to die!

    Would totally recommend to watch, 9/10.
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    I watched this movie on a very late time, three years after being released in fact. Ibrahim, the ideal hero, was living with his mother and saw his father murdering without any ability to prevent the killers. However, his mother has died leaving him alone within a bush of slums, nearby Cairo. The big guy, Mahmoud Abdel-Aziz who dressed in black, loves the girl that fallen in love with Ibrahim (I remembered Maria Magdalena at the moment). The story line is simple and ended with killing Ibrahim after being betrayed by his closest friend who took a few money in exchange of trapping Ibrahim at a coffee shop. Many friends said that I'm exaggeratedly interpreted the story, but I told them that the producing company is Good News, the Aramaic name of the New Testament!While I loved the cinematography, music, editing of that movie, I see Marawan Hamed, the director, a just clever director, not a creative one.