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Duoi cua than lan (2013) HD online

Duoi cua than lan (2013) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Animation / Short
Original Title: Duoi cua than lan
Director: Lam Tung Trinh
Writers: Manh Tung Lam
Released: 2013
Duration: 12min
Video type: Movie
Because of an accident, the Green Lizard's tail is cut. He is sad and low self - esteem when friends laugh at and ridicule it. To hide his imperfection, the Green Lizard tries to make his fake tail with the colorful fashion style which he is very proud of. One day, he almost dies because of it. He realizes that the cut - tail is his best friend.
Credited cast:
Hao Tu Hao Tu - Yuen the Lizard