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Astray (2014) HD online

Astray (2014) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Adventure / Drama
Original Title: Astray
Director: Kyle Romanek
Writers: Kyle Romanek
Released: 2014
Duration: 1h 10min
Video type: Movie
Tyler Bennett (Anthony E. Williams) is a seasoned social worker whose ethics and passion have brought him an enriching career in helping others; until now. Following a break-up with the love of his life (Diana Abrecht), Tyler is less sympathetic of his patients' stories and they are keeping him awake at night. In his now mundane life, he searches for its meaning. Unable to form meaningful relationships, Tyler's isolation has brought him to this impasse in his personal life. He tries to mend his former romance, but life derails as he begins to obsess over helping Blaine (Christopher Fisher) , a 15 year old boy who has run away from an abusive foster family. In his attempts to earn the boy's trust, Tyler crosses professional boundaries and opens up to him about his own neglect as a child; ultimately promising he will help reconnect the boy with his biological family. Suddenly, life as he knows it is in jeopardy and the law is against him. In a race against the clock, Tyler must heal ...


Cast overview, first billed only:
Anthony E. Williams Anthony E. Williams - Tyler Bennett
Douglas Cathro Douglas Cathro - Jerry Harris (as DC Cathro)
Garland Gunn Garland Gunn - Blaine Hughes (as Christopher D. Fisher)
Diana Abrecht Diana Abrecht - Liz White
Grayson Barnette Grayson Barnette - Carl Woods
Sandy Clipp Sandy Clipp - Terry Mae
Peggy Metzger Peggy Metzger - Anne Hughes
Jene Hall Jene Hall - Receptionist #1
Lisa Hughes Lisa Hughes - Receptionist #2
Sean Morse-Barry Sean Morse-Barry - Police Officer / Client #5
Kyle Romanek Kyle Romanek - Client #1
Jake Hughes Jake Hughes - Client #2
Dallas White Dallas White - Patient
Lynsie Romanek Lynsie Romanek - Client #4
Terri Romanek Terri Romanek - Client #6

The film was conceived during a phone conversation on a 15 hour drive from Florida to Maryland. Then written, shot and edited for a rough film festival submission in under 90 days. In total with extensive post production, the film was finished in 5 months.

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    The idea behind "Astray" is incredibly original and important...and it hits very close to home for me. Decades ago, I was a social worker and later a mental health counselor--much like the central character Tyler in the film. Because of my experiences, I could easily understand and relate to a guy who is anxious to help others but who needs to take better care of himself. Believe me, there are MANY caregivers like Tyler who are great people but who are so vulnerable because of their own issues. Listening to folks' pain and problems each work day can be incredibly draining and thankless. Heck, that's the reason I changed careers and soon found teaching much easier and more rewarding.

    So this is where the story begins...Tyler is a burned out but decent guy who wants to fix people. He's very vulnerable and his life revolves too much around his work. As a result, when he learns about a homeless boy hanging out near his friend's home, he immediately wants to fix the situation instead of doing what he's legally obliged to notify Children's Services. Slowly he manages to gain the kid's trust and what happens next is extremely difficult to believe and I won't say more because I don't want to ruin the film if you decide to watch it.

    The story idea was great and I applaud the filmmakers for this. As for the rest of the film, it could stand improvement--mostly because the folks in the movie have extremely limited experience. The acting is occasionally poor and the overall production seems almost like watching community theater. This isn't meant as a major criticism. But like many early efforts the film is very rough. I do see a lot of promise, however, and would like to see more from these people. With time and experience it should help to smooth out many of the rough spots. Worth seeing, particularly if you are a mental health worker, but also a film with some flaws that make it difficult at times to believe...such as a 15 year-old character who looks as if he's 25 as well as a plot twist that really seems to crazy to believe.