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Misión S.O.S. aventura y amor HD online

Misión S.O.S. aventura y amor  HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Series / Romance / Adventure / Drama / Family
Original Title: Misión S.O.S. aventura y amor
Duration: 1h
Video type: TV Series
Diana and Christian are two great kids who meet and become good friends.... without knowing that their families are enemies! Soon they will discover that Salvador (father of Christian) and Ximena (mother of Diana) used to be in love, but were separated by the evil Severiano. Diana and Christian have a group of friends, consisting of Alejandro, Alonso, Dany, Federica and Rodrigo. All live in the colony named Buenaventura and along with their families are threatened to lose their homes, school, park, theater and in some cases even their jobs! This threat comes from the grandfather of Christian, Severiano, an ambitious man, who wishes to construct a Commercial Center on the lands of the colony. In the old abandoned theater, the group of kids meets an extraordinary personage, el Chaneque, that has a very important Mission to accomplish! El Chaneque (whos is kinda like a cross between Peter Pan and an elf) invites them to participate in his Mission, which is to save their world from ...
Series cast summary:
Maribel Guardia Maribel Guardia - Ximena Aranda 125 episodes, 2004
Guillermo Capetillo Guillermo Capetillo - Salvador Martínez 125 episodes, 2004
Manuel Ojeda Manuel Ojeda - Severiano Martínez 125 episodes, 2004
Gabriela Goldsmith Gabriela Goldsmith - Vivian Johnson 125 episodes, 2004