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The Muppet Show Glenda Jackson (1976–1981) HD online

The Muppet Show Glenda Jackson (1976–1981) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Comedy / Family / Music
Original Title: Glenda Jackson
Director: Philip Casson
Writers: Jerry Juhl,David Odell
Released: 1976–1981
Duration: 25min
Video type: TV Episode
Guest star Glenda Jackson becomes a pirate and hijacks the Muppet Theater as her ship.
Episode complete credited cast:
Glenda Jackson Glenda Jackson - Herself - Special Guest Star
Frank Oz Frank Oz - Miss Piggy / Fozzie Bear (voice)
Jerry Nelson Jerry Nelson - Pops / Louis Kazagger / Camilla (voice)
Richard Hunt Richard Hunt - Scooter / Statler / Sweetums / Dead Ear Dick (voice)
Dave Goelz Dave Goelz - Gonzo (voice)
Louise Gold Louise Gold - Additional Muppets (voice)
Steve Whitmire Steve Whitmire - Additional Muppets (voice)
Kathryn Mullen Kathryn Mullen - Additional Muppets (voice)
Betsy Baytos Betsy Baytos - Additional Muppets (voice)
Karen Prell Karen Prell - Additional Muppets (voice)
Jim Henson Jim Henson - Kermit the Frog / Waldorf (voice)

Unlike some guests, Glenda Jackson was appreciated by the producers when she said, "You people know what you're up to. I'll do anything you write for me." With that complete freedom, the producers created the overall story of her going crazy as a pirate captain, hijacking the Muppet Theater itself as her ship.