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Hospital Central La cámara del secreto (2000–2012) HD online

Hospital Central La cámara del secreto (2000–2012) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Action / Drama / Romance
Original Title: La cámara del secreto
Director: José María Caro
Writers: Alberto Grondona
Released: 2000–2012
Duration: 1h
Video type: TV Episode
Vilches doesn't want Álex to go visiting his friend Ricardo in thee hospital, although the child asked for him. Everybody tells Elisa that Dávila has many relationships with different women, even Queca says that saw him with three different ones in a week. Andrea is happy because thinks that the decision of her having a resident is Aimé's, but he says that was the result of vilches's insistence. Nacho and Fran argue because the younger of the brothers doesn't want to continue studying, neither to look for a job. Eva suffers an accident while working with the SAMUR and Esther attends her the main part of the time, the nurse results to be a horrible patient.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Sergi Mateu Sergi Mateu - Dr. Santiago Bernal
María Casal María Casal - Elisa Sánchez
Jordi Rebellón Jordi Rebellón - Dr. Rodolfo Vilches
Rosa Mariscal Rosa Mariscal - Dra. Andrea Valverde
Nacho Fresneda Nacho Fresneda - Dr. Manuel Aimé
Amaia Lizarralde Amaia Lizarralde - Dra. Cristina Laguna
Armando del Río Armando del Río - Dr. Francisco Crespo Crespo
Alicia Bogo Alicia Bogo - Eva Méndez
Antonio Zabálburu Antonio Zabálburu - Dr. Javier Sotomayor
Ángel Pardo Ángel Pardo - Rusti Gálvez
Fátima Baeza Fátima Baeza - Esther García Ruiz
Marisol Rolandi Marisol Rolandi - Teresa Montoro
Ángel Rouco Ángel Rouco - Diego Peláez
Fernando Guillén Fernando Guillén - Germán Prada
Enrique Alcides Enrique Alcides - Dr. Raúl Grau

Enrique Alcides joins the cast as Raúl.

Jaime Ordóñez's character, that appears with a brief intervention, is called as the actor: Jaime Ordóñez.

Fran Perea, who makes a cameo in this episode, would collaborate in four more years later, performing another role.

Rusti says that played football for five years in Navalucillos, José Ángel Egido's character answers that she made the same in the Compostela, the football club of Santiago de Compostela (Spain), the city where the actor was born in real life.

Miguel Nieto makes a cameo as Ferreira, a past regular cast member that has disappeared.

Andrea and Raúl talk about their past in the faculty and say that he was one of the best students.