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Ted Gärdestad - för kärlekens skull (2016) HD online

Ted Gärdestad - för kärlekens skull (2016) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Documentary
Original Title: Ted Gärdestad - för kärlekens skull
Director: Susanne Cederberg
Released: 2016
Duration: 44min
Video type: Movie
Documentary about Swedish singer-songwriter Ted Gärdestad. He wrote numerous hits in the 1970s and up to his death in 1997. In this program artists remember Ted as does his text writing brother Kenneth and Ted's daughter Sara Zacharias.
Credited cast:
Susanne Cederberg Susanne Cederberg - Herself - Host
Darin Darin - Himself
Ulf Elfving Ulf Elfving - Himself
Arne Gärdestad Arne Gärdestad - Himself
Kenneth Gärdestad Kenneth Gärdestad - Himself
Marie Ledin Marie Ledin - Herself
Per Ragnar Per Ragnar - Himself
Lotta Ramel Lotta Ramel - Herself
Janne Schaffer Janne Schaffer - Himself
Björn Ulvaeus Björn Ulvaeus - Himself
Sara Zacharias Sara Zacharias - Herself

Ted was really playing guitar right handed but in the movie actor Adam Pålsson plays left handed as he normally does. The reason was that they wanted the guitar playing to look natural rather than being totally accurate.

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    There is No music performed by Ted only new recordings of old hits Not Even a glimp of a Ted concert . To bad as it would have improved the rating and Done more justice To Ted and his ability