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Welding the Big Ring (1904) HD online

Welding the Big Ring (1904) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Documentary / Short
Original Title: Welding the Big Ring
Released: 1904
Duration: 6min
Video type: Movie
A group of men weld one area of a large ring in a fire. They lift the ring, which is hanging horizontally on chains, out of the fire. Four men hammer the hot area on the ring into shape while the remaining men hold the ring. They put the ring into the fire again, take it out, and take it over to a machine which continuously hammers down on that area of the ring. The men then take it away from the machine and hammer it themselves into shape. The ring is presumably a piece of a generator.

In the scene where four men start to weld a huge iron ring that has just come out of a furnace, one of the welders is accidentally struck on the leg by another man's welding hammer, and it is obvious that the blow has broken the man's leg. However, after he limps off screen for a few seconds, he comes back and helps finish the job.

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    This is arguably one of the more interesting of the films made at the Westinghouse Foundry in 1904, not only because it shows plenty of action but because, for the most part, we can see and understand what is going on. The camera is also positioned closer to the action here than it was in many of the other films, and it pans to follow the action.

    The film basically shows a group of men hammering the weld of a huge ring into shape while it is still red hot. They swing the ring with the help of a crane to an area where four of the men can then begin hammering it with large sledgehammers. They obviously have to work fast and accurately: at one point two of the men stand on the ring hammering the top of it while the other two hammer the edges - one slip and it is quite likely a man on the ground could quite easily shatter the ankle of one of the men standing on the ring. Given the dullness of many of the films in this series, this one is quite interesting and worth a look. You can almost feel the heat and sweat and noise...
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    Welding the Big Ring (1904)

    During the early 1900's Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company made a number of industrial films that allowed the public to see what went on inside their buildings. Needless to say, these films didn't contain any sort of plot but some might find them interesting.

    This Westinghouse film is fairly entertaining, although once again it goes on a bit too long. This one here shows a large ring being welded and it's certainly fascinating seeing what was done in 1904 to get this type of job done. The obvious thing is watching how dangerous it was and one can't help but watch and wonder how many people were either injured or killed doing this. It's a pretty fascinating glimpse of a working day back in this day and age. However, at just under five minutes it does drag on a bit too long.