» » Amantes de Luna Llena Episode #1.158 (2000–2002)

Amantes de Luna Llena Episode #1.158 (2000–2002) HD online

Amantes de Luna Llena Episode #1.158 (2000–2002) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Comedy / Drama / Romance
Original Title: Episode #1.158
Director: César Bolívar,Román Chalbaud
Writers: Leonardo Padrón,Indira Páez
Released: 2000–2002
Duration: 45min
Video type: TV Episode
The day comes for Simón and Juan Chiquito to depart. Simón finds Camila and they talk. Chocolate gets drunk after Simón rejected her and finds solace in her mother's arms. Valentina is upset because of her daughter's suggestion. Facundo threatens Alejandro to stay away from Perla. Sol and Lucrecia meet for drink. Abril consoles Cristóbal. Perla is in for a nasty surprise, facing a house imprisonment.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Ruddy Rodríguez Ruddy Rodríguez - Camila Rigores
Diego Bertie Diego Bertie - Simón Luna
Astrid Carolina Herrera Astrid Carolina Herrera - Perla Mujíca (La Perla)
Carlos Mata Carlos Mata - Alejandro Linares
Gaby Espino Gaby Espino - Abril Cárdenas
Juan Carlos Vivas Juan Carlos Vivas - El Siete
Ana Karina Manco Ana Karina Manco - Chocolate
Rosalinda Serfaty Rosalinda Serfaty - Valentina de Linares
Elba Escobar Elba Escobar - Lucrecia Rigores
Fabiola Colmenares Fabiola Colmenares - María Celeste de Sucre (La Vikinga)
Pablo Martín Pablo Martín - Rubén Sucre
Aroldo Betancourt Aroldo Betancourt - Facundo Montoya
Beatriz Valdés Beatriz Valdés - Sol de Rigores
Luis Gerónimo Abreu Luis Gerónimo Abreu - Cristóbal Caballero
Caridad Canelón Caridad Canelón - Juana Mayo Mijares