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Giudizio in Sospeso (2012) HD online

Giudizio in Sospeso (2012) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama
Original Title: Giudizio in Sospeso
Director: Giovanni Giordano
Writers: Luigi Santoro
Released: 2012
Duration: 45min
Video type: Movie
Luca is 18 years old student: he suffers a problem that many of his peers live: marginalization. There are many problems that force him every day to lower his head and suffering as if nothing had happened, such as the death of his mother, who has not done more to resume from that trauma, the company continues to adapt to a way of life not suitable with its nature and many other factors. For these reasons, many times he thinking of suicide, how would disappear into the silence of death, and to put an end to his suffering due to his weakness of character. One night, Luca is awakened from a dream that brought him back in a tense situation, on a wall, he decides to throw himself off. This is a dream that in the days ahead will hold more distracted than usual, but it is also a dream that will live an experience that changes his life. Theatre as therapy for shyness, will totally change his character and outlook on life, so to be able to not be afraid of the bullies that some time before ...
Cast overview:
Luigi Santoro Luigi Santoro - Luca
Danilo Napoli Danilo Napoli - Danilo
Rita Iniziato Rita Iniziato - Casting Director
Katia Usyk Katia Usyk - Eva
Gabriele De Cenzo Gabriele De Cenzo - Manuel
Roberta Santoro Roberta Santoro - Roberta