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Rage Against the Machine (1997) HD online

Rage Against the Machine (1997) HD online
Language: English
Category: Creative Work / Documentary / Music
Original Title: Rage Against the Machine
Director: Richard Leyland,Heather Parry
Released: 1997
Duration: 1h 20min
Video type: Creative Work
Rage Against The Machine set the bar for uncompromising, incendiary rock music in their brief but groundbreaking career. Their first, self-titled video release features live clips and original music videos from their first five years together.
Cast overview:
Zack De La Rocha Zack De La Rocha - Himself
Tom Morello Tom Morello - Himself
Tim Commerford Tim Commerford - Himself (as Timmy C.)
Brad Wilk Brad Wilk - Himself

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    Angry, aggressive rap / metal trotskyite band who have made a career celebrating the oppressed. Vocalist and political activist Zack de la Rocha's charisma is inspiring in this collection of videos and live footage. The band challenges their audience " arm themselves with a healthy dose of suspicion," against the corporate elite, yet still manage to sell highly priced CDs, and DVDs on a label owned by one of the world's media giants. Hypocritical at times, but their integrity is a tiny of speck light that brightens the darkness of the evil empire.
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    I was once told from a good friend that you haven't seen a live show if you haven't seen RATM live. For not even being in the audience, but rather watching it in my living room was enough to fully agree to my friend. Being that I'm a huge RATM fan, and of course a big fan of music in itself, I can say that I was literally jumping around watching this DVD. Tom Morello is absolutely incredible. His riffs are so funky with a driving groove, yet very simple. RATM has the power to drive their enormous audience due to their outstanding stage presence. Even if you don't agree or care about their political/social viewpoints, they are still a great band to get into when it comes to the music in itself. RATM is one of the best bands in rock history, and are unique in every way. It is a shame that they broke up. Audioslave is no RATM. Highly recommended for any fan of the band or hard rock in itself.
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    That being said I am a big fan of Rage Against The Machine and this disc did not disappoint me. Just watching the thousands of fans bob in unison to the music is enough to get you going. This disc has concert footage as well as most of their early singles uncensored videos. There's also a CD included with the VHS version with Zach reciting a poem.(the ghost of Tom Joad) There's no behind the scenes footage or anything that you haven't seen before but it's still a good buy if you're a fan of the band
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    lets go baby

    If you're looking for energy then you've found it. Few bands have been able to conjure up the energy that RATM does in their live shows. Although RATM racked up millions from their very popular CD's the overwhelming majority of proceeds were channeled towards grassroots agencies. Their reasoning for signing a deal with media giant Sony has to do with Tom Morello's philosophy on ignorance and education. Sony is simply the medium by which RATM channels their message through. It's the one of the most widely spread forms of media, and they were/are trying to get their message out. And boy do they do just that in this DVD. With songs like "Bulls on Parade" you'll find yourself jumping and head banging along.
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    This video documents the Rage Against the Machine rock group and it showcases a lot of their great music (for instance the song- Wake up) and looks at them as well. Pretty good, though short, but still worth a look just as long as you aren't a teenie bopper or something. Note- look eventually for the Rage Against the Machine music video collection (if it is ever released) because most likely in it will be a music video directed by Michael Moore. A+
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    This Is A Collection of Rage Against The Machine Concerts Over The Years Although This Is A Pretty Good Video It's Too Short.Awesome Songs Like Producer And Wake Up Are'nt Included But It's Still A Great Video And It's Got All The Unedited And Uncensored Music Videos They Made Up To That Point.If You Have'nt Seen Rage Live Get This Video So You Can See What Your Missing.