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The Making of 'Catwoman' (2004) HD online

The Making of 'Catwoman' (2004) HD online
Language: English
Category: Creative Work / Documentary / Short
Original Title: The Making of u0027Catwomanu0027
Released: 2004
Video type: Creative Work
Uncredited cast:
Halle Berry Halle Berry - Herself (uncredited)
Benjamin Bratt Benjamin Bratt - Himself (uncredited)
Frances Conroy Frances Conroy - Herself (uncredited)
Sharon Stone Sharon Stone - Herself (uncredited)
Lambert Wilson Lambert Wilson - Himself (uncredited)

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    Typical run of the mill DVD filler about a film many proclaim to be the worst movie of this century, this Behind the Scenes short has little going for it, especially compared with the highly enjoyable "Many faces of Catwoman" featurette on the same DVD. Let the facts speak for themselves: at the start Halle Berry is miss-quoting Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery by saying her character is "every man's fantasy and what every woman wants to be", this would not have been so bad if we had not already heard the same line spoken by producer Suzan Colon in the aforementioned "Many faces" doc. In fact, the most inspired thing in this entire promotional piece are the little chapter titles that pop up now and then: Cat-tale, Cat-suit, Cat-fight etc. They only forgot Cat-as-trophy.

    The main cast members introduces themselves and/or the part's they play, with Halle looking quite Caucasian in red curls and Sharon Stone sporting a hairdo that makes her look as if she just rolled out of bed (doing research for Basic Instinct II). Denise Di Novi explains the meaning of the word 'feline' again, and everyone involved keeps using the word 'power' or 'powerful' as in "It's a powerful transformation of self empowerment Patience goes through, finding her own voice, her own power, as well as feeling what it means be a powerful woman in the world". Didn't anyone remind these people they were just talking about Catwoman?.

    Come to think of it, since when did Catwoman have cat-vision and the stealthy fighting powers of cat anyway, not to mention the Edward Scissorhands like power of instant hairdressing. The way Halle's digital double throws herself off buildings is obviously more inspired by the Spiderman movies than the DC comic anyway, and why does each and every segment have to end with that shot of Berry strutting her self important Cat-walk? Watch the other documentary on this DVD instead.

    3 out of 10