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Language: English
Category: TV Series / Crime
Original Title: Kontakt
Video type: TV Series
The secret service conducts demolition work in the area of magnetic anomalies. Purely by accident, it turns out that three men are located in the explosion area: Vladimir Golenko, a criminal, Oleg Malinin, a photographer, and Benedict Tartakovsky, a failed writer. As a result of the explosion, a strange connection begins between those three: a photographer Malinin can read the criminal Golengo's mind, even see the world around him with the criminal's eyes, and the writer Tartakovsky can entirely control Golenko's actions and communicate with Malinin remotely. Tartakovsky, having Golenko come into his full possession, decides to use him to revenge everybody who had ever stood on his way before.
Credited cast, sorted by IMDb STARmeter:
Ekaterina Malikova Ekaterina Malikova
Andrey Smirnov Andrey Smirnov
Pavel Barshak Pavel Barshak
Nikolay Boklan Nikolay Boklan
Aleksandr Semchev Aleksandr Semchev
Anna Sagaydachnaya Anna Sagaydachnaya
Matvey Zubalevich Matvey Zubalevich
Viktor Saraykin Viktor Saraykin
Mikhail Zhonin Mikhail Zhonin
Neonila Beletskaya Neonila Beletskaya
Vladimir Gladkiy Vladimir Gladkiy
Sergey Kolos Sergey Kolos
Vitaliy Saliy Vitaliy Saliy
Olha Vivchariuk Olha Vivchariuk
Galina Korneeva Galina Korneeva