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Basanata Bilap (1973) HD online

Basanata Bilap (1973) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy
Original Title: Basanata Bilap
Director: Dinen Gupta
Writers: Shekhar Chatterjee,Bimal Kar
Released: 1973
Duration: 1h 57min
Video type: Movie
This film mainly consist of clashes between four boys and some girls of the hostel namely 'Basanta Bilap'. Both the parties uses hilarious tricks upon one another but evidently the three boys of the group falls in love with three girls of Basanta Bilap and the story goes on. At last the leaded of the boys group 'Shyam' falls for the girls group leader 'Anuradha' , and the story ends.
Credited cast:
Soumitra Chatterjee Soumitra Chatterjee - (as Soumitra Chattopadhyay)
Aparna Sen Aparna Sen
Rabi Ghosh Rabi Ghosh
Kajal Gupta Kajal Gupta
Anup Kumar Anup Kumar
Sumitra Mukherjee Sumitra Mukherjee - (as Sumitra Mukhopadhyay)
Chinmoy Roy Chinmoy Roy
Sibani Bose Sibani Bose
Amarnath Mukherjee Amarnath Mukherjee - (as Amarnath Mukhopadhyay)
Kanika Majumdar Kanika Majumdar
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Gita Dey Gita Dey
Bankim Ghosh Bankim Ghosh
Tarun Kumar Tarun Kumar
Shyam Laha Shyam Laha
Hasi Majumdar Hasi Majumdar