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Lake on Fire (2016) HD online

Lake on Fire (2016) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Horror / Thriller
Original Title: Lake on Fire
Director: Jake Myers
Writers: Ben Kobold,Ben Kobold
Released: 2016
Budget: $300,000
Duration: 1h 19min
Video type: Movie
While filming in southern Nevada, a television crew discovers a terrifying truth lurking beneath the waters of Lake Mead.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Ben Kobold Ben Kobold - Björn Eriksson
Jennifer Mills Jennifer Mills - Britney Big Time
Jamie Bragg Jamie Bragg - Jamie Mackie
Brian Schroeck Brian Schroeck - Brian
Jake Myers Jake Myers - Brock
Jeremiah Myers Jeremiah Myers - Lake Security / Alien
Lara Unnerstall Lara Unnerstall - Lake Security 2
T.D. Barnes T.D. Barnes - Himself
David Liebe Hart David Liebe Hart - Himself
Rochelle Davida Rochelle Davida - Elsa Moulton
Brian Coleman Brian Coleman - TV Scientist
Traci Van Laarhoven Myers Traci Van Laarhoven Myers - Twins
Toni Van Laarhoven Toni Van Laarhoven - Twins
Joe Ferrell Joe Ferrell - Joe the Executive
Andy Seifert Andy Seifert - Andrzej Stratos

Reviews: [11]

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    Don't watch it, horrible movie. Anyone who like it or thought there was a important message within it, is idiotic. There is already tons of stuff about government cover ups to just being myths and we're alone. Also the gay guy is annoying and the girl who dry humps him looks like she needs some Vagisil.
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    CONSPIRACY THEORY is nothing more than a film made by a bunch of idiots with some half-hearted ideas for a movie. It's another indie found footage effort in which a bunch of irritating characters head off on a crusade to uncover evidence of aliens in Earth's history. There's some mildly interesting background info on the whole 'ancient astronaut' theory but mostly this consists of a few interviews and, in the main, the characters acting as annoyingly as possible. The nadir is undoubtedly the ten-minute car sequence in which a girl tries to recall the lyrics of a crude song. Somebody somewhere finds this amusing; I thought it was awful. In the last ten minutes, things pick up for some ultra-predictable scares you'll see coming a mile off.
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    A group of people who make the show "Alien Engineers" travel around Nevada, talk to people and look at the sights and speculate it was all done by aliens. There is an interview with NASA engineer T.D. Barnes who debunks their theory. The film was poorly shot for what was supposed to be professionals, making for another bad found footage. They eventually end up on Lake Mead, and the whole thing seemed ad lib until that point. Britney Big Time (Jennifer Mills) was the only decent character. Some might enjoy her rap song, which had nothing to do with the movie. I would recommend a fast forward until the last nine minutes when things start to happen.

    Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.
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    First the positives: some good cinematography, hard to go wrong with the beautiful location and landscapes, lots of rich colour. And lots of Jennifer Mills. Riffing on "Ancient Aliens" gets a thumbs up and yes, they hit the mark for the patronising and faux dramatic tone. The overall impression was of a professional effort and aspects of the final third were promising.

    Now the negatives: *way* too long to get into the sci fi/horror. *Way* too much conversation about fists, tits and asses, sigh. The character of Jamie was under-utilised when it seemed she might emerge as a leader - and what was the deal with the glowing sphere???

    Overall quite disappointing.
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    I never rate 1/10 a movie but there is this exception. I've waited one hour until something happens, telling myself "hold on, hold on, the final has gotta be huge if the film has 6.5/10", because so far i was just wondering what i was really watching. There is no horror in this film, no suspense, no nothing, just a waste of time. I don't think one can even call this a movie.

    Now i'm a bit curious about what's going through the mind of people who voted 10/10. How would they note "the Schindler's list" then ?
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    I get tired of writing negative reviews especially since the worst movie and the worst acting is better than anything I could do. So, thanks for trying guys but this was pretty bad. If you are bored and don't have anything else to watch, then it might be worthwhile. First of all, absolutely nothing happens until the last 25 minutes. It does a poor job of ridiculing the show Ancient Aliens, which is an entertaining show. Second of all, they are pushing the whole global warming spill and I'd rather not listen to it while trying to be entertained. The acting was really bad as well. I don't say this very often but I wish I had that time back and had watched Ancient Aliens instead!
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    Think about some bad movie you saw. This is worst.
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    Throw her heart

    This movie was a highly entertaining comedy horror combo. My new favorite combo. The fun parts felt like I was hanging out with friends from college. The horror parts made me glad I was not friends with these people in college... because I may have been killed... by something... lurking... beneath Lake Mead. I don't want to spoil the movie by telling what it was!!!

    Ben Kobold impresses once again.

    Aside from the content of the movie I really enjoyed the cinematography. It was a beautifully shot movie. It takes a lot of talent to make a desert look this nice.
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    I thought it was a solid blend of horror and comedy. Ben Kobold was awfully funny as an approximation of the "Ancient Aliens" crazy hair guy. This is a found-footage film, and it would appear that the footage has been tampered with in some way or another, as evidenced by the static- like effects throughout the film. Some nice cinematography of Lake Mead— seems like a lovely place,and I wouldn't mind visiting the Nevada desert in part because of this film. I felt like I was on a vacation out to Nevada—a vacation that goes horribly wrong. Without giving anything away, I'd say the ending was somewhat ambiguous and that there could be a sequel.

    I believe this is a better film than the 2006 documentary Lake of Fire, which starred Noam Chomsky.
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    This was an amazing film packed full of quirky humor and menacing/odd characters and scenes. The found footage concept worked well and made the "behind the scenes" lives and attitudes of the characters involved with the production of the show, Ancient Engineers, come across to the audience as endearing, narcissistic, shallow, outlandish and deceptive all at once. The movie points out how the American public has been continuously duped, hoodwinked and led astray by the media and various governmental agencies. We especially enjoyed Bjorn's creative and overtly manipulative interviewing style. Looking forward to seeing this movie again and making it a part of my "movie favorites" library!
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    This movie was more than just entertaining to watch. It was an exhilarating experience. I've been to Lake Mead and seen the catastrophic low water levels. I've been to Vegas and seen the decadence and overindulgence. I've watched Ancient Aliens and even met many of the deranged extraterrestrial so-called experts. Of those experiences I have enjoyed none. Lake on Fire, however, somehow found a way for me to enjoy all three in a masterfully crafted bizarre story. At times the tale seemed real. At times the narrative seemed surreal. The viewer could never really tell what was real, unreal, or even alien. Anyone who truly cares about the human race must see this found footage account. It is out of this world!