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Relic Hunter - Die Schatzjägerin Cross of Voodoo (1999–2002) HD online

Relic Hunter - Die Schatzjägerin Cross of Voodoo (1999–2002) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Fantasy / Mystery / Adventure / Action / Sci-Fi
Original Title: Cross of Voodoo
Director: George Mendeluk
Writers: Gil Grant,Charles Heit
Released: 1999–2002
Duration: 42min
Video type: TV Episode
When two graduate students on the trail of the Haitian Cross of Utu disappear in New Orleans, Sydney and Nigel go down on the bayou to find them.
Episode cast overview:
Tia Carrere Tia Carrere - Sydney Fox
Christien Anholt Christien Anholt - Nigel Bailey
Lindy Booth Lindy Booth - Claudia
Megan Fahlenbock Megan Fahlenbock - Kelly
Cameron Graham Cameron Graham - Matt
John Novak John Novak
Nigel Bennett Nigel Bennett - Professor Alaine Richarde
Andrew Gillies Andrew Gillies - Auguste Devereaux
Peter Mensah Peter Mensah - Witch Doctor
Bruce McFee Bruce McFee - Cajun Landlord
Matt Scarborough Matt Scarborough - Delivery Man
Henry Gomez Henry Gomez - Voodoo Priest

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    In Haiti, the Cross of Utu was said to have magical powers, turning people into zombies, the whole voodoo stuff, you know. Two friends of Sydney disappeared when they were looking for the cross at New Orleans. It is in the hands of a magician who sticks needles into a Sydney doll until it hurts. This surely can't be solved with Sydney's high kicks; how can they stop him? Admittedly we get some cheap special effects again like the contact lenses, 'Cross of Voodoo' is closer to a Halloween party with the kids than a cinematographic masterpiece like 'Angel Heart', but it is great fun, and due to the subject of Voodoo, it is quite different from the other episodes. Memorable contribution to the second season.