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High School High (2017) HD online

High School High (2017) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short
Original Title: High School High
Director: Frank Verdejo
Writers: Savannah Osborn,Jennifer Quaglio
Released: 2017
Budget: $600
Video type: Movie
High school's such a drag. A group of four unlikely teens get locked in detention and are forced to bond, learning their differences are what makes them similar.
Credited cast:
Katherine Alexander Katherine Alexander - High School Student #3
Ryan James Ball Ryan James Ball - High School Student #2
Ameline Bartel Ameline Bartel - High School Student #1
Amy Bartel Amy Bartel - High School Student #1
Kabir Bery Kabir Bery - High School Student #6
Bolivar Coronado Bolivar Coronado - Mr. Matthews
Dinero Daze Dinero Daze - High School Student #7
Alejandro de La san Alejandro de La san - Brad
Alejandro De La Sen Alejandro De La Sen - Brad
Savannah Osborn Savannah Osborn - Chloe
Jennifer Quaglio Jennifer Quaglio - Wednesday
Daniela Reina Daniela Reina - High School Student #5
Arielle Tillett Arielle Tillett - High School Student #4
Frank Verdejo Frank Verdejo - Danny