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Haya O Lo Haya (2003) HD online

Haya O Lo Haya (2003) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama / Romance
Original Title: Haya O Lo Haya
Director: Lena Chaplin,Slava Chaplin
Writers: Alona Kimhi,Edna Mazia
Released: 2003
Duration: 1h 42min
Video type: Movie
Cast overview, first billed only:
Evgenia Dodina Evgenia Dodina - Hana Rubina (as Jenya Dodina)
Tzak Berkman Tzak Berkman - Alexander Pen
Gal Zaid Gal Zaid - Berl Katznelson
Fira Kantor Fira Kantor - Shura
Salva Kanchev Salva Kanchev - Luva
Boris Ahnov Boris Ahnov - Menachem Ussishkin
Sasha Klein Sasha Klein - Haim Nahman Bialik
Anna Stephan Anna Stephan - Bella Penn
Idit Noydreper Idit Noydreper - Nina Shtein
Alon Friedman Alon Friedman - Young Actor
Gadia Kutcher Gadia Kutcher - Govinska
Vladimir Friedman Vladimir Friedman - Meskin
Hana Hagin Hana Hagin - Journalist
Eyal Zusman Eyal Zusman - Young Poet
Leonid Gorovets Leonid Gorovets - Friedland

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    I have seen a few Israeli movies in my time and this one is one of the best. It is set in Tel Aviv in the late 20's or 30's. Two Russian immigrants in the Tel-Aviv theater world (Sasha or Pen, a writer and a famous actress, Chana) come together in with their passion for their new land and the stage. They also come together with some hot fireworks on screen. Pen is an alcoholic, womanizing married man with a temper, so when he gets a piece of Spanish news, he almost has a nervous breakdown. I don't want to give away too much of the story though.

    The camera-work can make you dizzy sometimes but it's easy to adjust to. The costumes, set, props, everything looks right for this era and place. The acting is captivating and the ending just right. Take a look, it's worth it!