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Dark Shadows Episode #1.12 (1991) HD online

Dark Shadows Episode #1.12 (1991) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Drama / Horror / Romance / Thriller
Original Title: Episode #1.12
Director: Mark Sobel
Writers: Linda Campanelli,Matthew Hall
Released: 1991
Duration: 45min
Video type: TV Episode
Barnabas' vampirism is discovered when he lures his mother, Naomi, to the old house to reveal himself. Unfortunately, Abigail also arrives at the old house where Barnabas kills her. Daniel and Sarah witness the events and while attempting to flee, get lost in the woods during a storm where Sarah falls ill and soon dies. Meanwhile, Peter attempts to save Victoria from being hanged as a witch by filing every appeal possible. Victoria comes to realize that Barnabas is indeed a vampire and that Angelique is responsible for her arriving in the year 1790 in order to kill every member of the Collins family. When Barnabas learns about Victoria's plight, he gets revenge against Reverend Trask by walling him up alive in a wall of the old house. Things come full circle as Joshua learns that Barnabas is a vampire in which he has Ben seal him alive in his coffin, and has Naomi, driven insane from the truth, imprisoned in the tower at Collinwood, and sees Daniel recover. In the present, Maggie ...
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Ben Cross Ben Cross - Barnabas Collins
Lysette Anthony Lysette Anthony - Angelíque
Barbara Blackburn Barbara Blackburn - Carolyn Stoddard
Jim Fyfe Jim Fyfe - Willie Loomis / Ben Loomis
Joanna Going Joanna Going - Victoria Winters
Joseph Gordon-Levitt Joseph Gordon-Levitt - David Collins / Daniel Collins
Veronica Lauren Veronica Lauren - Sarah Collins
Ely Pouget Ely Pouget - Maggie Evans
Barbara Steele Barbara Steele - Dr. Julia Hoffman / Countess Natalie du Pres
Roy Thinnes Roy Thinnes - Roger Collins / Rev. Trask
Michael T. Weiss Michael T. Weiss - Joe Haskell / Peter Bradford
Jean Simmons Jean Simmons - Elizabeth Collins Stoddard / Naomi Collins
Michael Cavanaugh Michael Cavanaugh - Andre du Pres
Stefan Gierasch Stefan Gierasch - Joshua Collins
Eddie Jones Eddie Jones - Bailiff Henry Evans

Last episode of the series.