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Days of Our Lives Episode #1.12550 (1965– ) HD online

Days of Our Lives Episode #1.12550 (1965– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Drama / Romance
Original Title: Episode #1.12550
Director: Albert Alarr
Writers: David Cherrill,Gary Tomlin
Released: 1965–
Duration: 1h
Video type: TV Episode
Justin confirms to Adrienne that he is heading back to Dubai to finish the deal and admits that he slept with Elsa. Adrienne doesn't want to hear any of his excuses. Paul is preparing to leave Salem when John shows up. John convinces Paul to stay to help out the charity fund raiser and Tori overhears the two talking. After John leaves, Tori is upset that Paul agreed to stay. Will finds out that Paul has extended his stay in Salem and heads out to confront Tori. Tori tries to tell Will that she did everything she could to get Paul to leave and that Paul plans to lie low while he does the charity fund raiser. Will realizes that Paul's dad is in Salem and Tori doesn't want him to know who he is. Melanie confronts Theresa about doing something to Brady but Theresa is confused by Melanie's accusation. Melanie leaves after Clint comes out of the bedroom. Later, it is clear that Clint needs to get blood from Theresa as well. Daniel confirms that Brady was not using but was knocked out by ...
Episode credited cast:
Hira Ambrosino Hira Ambrosino - Tori Narita
K.D. Chalk K.D. Chalk - Nurse Maria (as Kimberley Dalton Mitchell)
Robert Ebinger Robert Ebinger - George Merkel
Cleo Fraser Cleo Fraser - Molly
Jen Lilley Jen Lilley - Theresa Donovan
Gabriel Maddox Maier Gabriel Maddox Maier - Fernando
Eric Martsolf Eric Martsolf - Brady Black
Christopher Sean Christopher Sean - Paul Narita