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WOWT Channel 6 News at 10 PM  HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Series / News
Original Title: WOWT Channel 6 News at 10 PM
Video type: TV Series
Cast overview:
Hal Daub Hal Daub - Himself / - (as Mayor Hal Daub)
Jim Flowers Jim Flowers
Courtney Gerrish Courtney Gerrish
Gary Kerr Gary Kerr
John Knicely John Knicely
Thom Knight Thom Knight
Tracy Madden Tracy Madden
Kara Rovere Kara Rovere
Frank Solich Frank Solich - Himself (as Coach Frank Solich)
Jim Fagin Jim Fagin
Merlyn Klaus Merlyn Klaus
Rebecca Kleeman Rebecca Kleeman
Mike McKnight Mike McKnight
Pat Persaud Pat Persaud

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    I've been watching this "reality show" since I was a little kid and I think this is the strongest cast they've ever had. Sure, back in the 80's when it was just known as Action News 6 there were some golden moments. But the sizzling sexual tension between John and Pat is hot enough to melt the wires in my TV. The addition of Eric Crouch was an interesting choice, perhaps an attempt to keep the show from "jumping the shark." The show doesn't move as fast since international action star Jim Fagin left to pursue a radio career, but perhaps he just got tired of dealing with the notoriously difficult Jim Flowers. If you're ever in Omaha, I suggest you check out this show.