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Language: English
Category: TV Series / Comedy / Drama / Fantasy / Horror / Romance
Original Title: Hex
Duration: 1h 45min
Video type: TV Series
Cassie is a shy college girl who wants to be accepted by others, but is only truly loved by her best friend Thelma. Cassie later discovers that she possesses dangerous powers, and is being drawn into a world thats far beyond her control. And the man that she should fear the most manages to find a way into her heart.
Complete series cast summary:
Jemima Rooper Jemima Rooper - Thelma Bates / - 18 episodes, 2004-2005
Jamie Davis Jamie Davis - Leon Taylor / - 17 episodes, 2004-2005
Amber Sainsbury Amber Sainsbury - Roxanne Davenport 15 episodes, 2004-2005
Colin Salmon Colin Salmon - David Tyrel 14 episodes, 2004-2005
Laura Pyper Laura Pyper - Ella Dee / - 13 episodes, 2005
Jemima Abey Jemima Abey - Alex 13 episodes, 2005
Michael Fassbender Michael Fassbender - Azazeal 12 episodes, 2004-2005
Samuel Collings Samuel Collings - Tom / - 11 episodes, 2005
Anna Wilson-Jones Anna Wilson-Jones - Jo Watkins / - 10 episodes, 2004-2005
Joseph Beattie Joseph Beattie - Malachi 9 episodes, 2005
Christina Cole Christina Cole - Cassandra 'Cassie' Hughes 8 episodes, 2004-2005

In an interview for Sky, Christina Cole said she was a bit startled by her nude shower scene in episode two. Although the scene was shot nude, her back was to the camera most of the time and she believed she was being shot from the shoulders up. Apparently members of her family were not amused.

The Mansion used as the school in Hex is the same location used in the 2011 Michael Fassbender film X-men First Class, used as the mutant school and the home of Charles Xavier.

The Nephilim (somewhat different spelling from that used in the series) are mentioned only briefly in the Biblical book of Genesis, and in more detail in several Apocryphal books including The Book of Enoch and The Secrets of Enoch. In those texts, the Watchers are a troop of angels tasked with watching over and protecting Mankind. They become infatuated with mortal women, descend to Earth and have their way with them, spawning a race of gigantic monsters, the Nephilim. For the sin of lust, the Watchers are banished from Heaven and are condemned to roam the Earth for eternity. Out of revenge, they teach Mankind the arts of magic and warfare. Their leader is sometimes called "Azazel" or "Azaziel".

Jemima Rooper compares her performance as Thelma to being "like Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Carribean. Only without the beard."

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    Hex is a unique British TV series which has provided relief in the currently dismal TV of late.

    Although it has many similarities to and has been hailed as the 'british Buffy' try not to compare the two as they are very different shows. Without Buffy paving the way chances are Hex wouldn't be here but to compare the two will more than likely result in disappointment.

    Hex follows student Cassandra Hughes at boarding school with her best friend Thelma (Jemima Rooper). The two are outsiders, mocked by the populars and content to sit alone at lunch - something which many will relate to.

    Cassie's world is turned upside down by an innocent discovery. The result of her curiosity turning her mundane school life into a roller-coaster of sex, discovery, pain, death, love and excitement! Hex boasts a witch, fallen angel, lesbian ghost and plenty in-between. Do not miss your chance to see this fab show returning on 18th September 2005 for a well deserved second season.
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    This show rocked. It had something for everyone, love, hate, lust, magic, good, evil you name it, it was in there. It was the kind of thing that appeals to anyone who watches it, as it had the perfect balance between the supernatural and the natural, with great story lines between each of the characters.

    Each of the characters were typical sex-driven teenagers, but they were being driven into a world of magic without realising it, and it was done in a painfully addictive way. This said, the adults in the show also played an important part, and without them (Jez, Azazeal etc) the show wouldn't have worked.

    There's only one thing I don't get: Why did they cancel it?!
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    Hex is probably one of the best things out at the moment on television; something that really is worth watching. Hex becomes more interesting as the plot thickens, so for all those who said they watched the first few episodes then gave up, it's their loss. The characters are not boring (as someone commented) and the script is written well. There should be no comments saying that it's boring and dull, as there is a frequent (yet understandable) change in content throughout the episodes. The cast is excellent, and there is a lot of chemistry going on between characters. Not something to compare with Buffy, as in truth Hex is quite different, but not worse in the slightest. The difference does not make it less interesting. Something that should be watched by all.
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    I watched season one of Hex and enjoyed it in an on and off kind of way despite some ropey acting and a hammy script at times. However, if you stick with it and start watching season 2, you will be well rewarded, the action kicks up several notches, the stakes are raised and a MAJOR character dies for good and a new one is introduced.

    Jemima Rooper continues to steal the show as the sassy, lesbian ghost Thelma, with some great one liners such as "I may be dead, but I'm not straight" and newcomer Laura Pyper creates a whole new dynamic as Ella whilst some old faces get some much needed character development. The Nudity, violence and sex is more noticeable helping distance this show from the whole "british Buffy" tag it used to have. It really has become a must see show and one I spend an agonizing week waiting for the next installment.
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    After seeing the first episode I wasn't sure whether to continue watching. Other than Thelma, the acting was pretty weak. However, hang in there as Christina Cole (Cassie) finds her feet and Azazeal is extremely cool.

    This one is much raunchier and less moralistic than most American TV shows. I loved Buffy too, but it was always trying to tell us how to the right thing and everyone did a lot of unnecessary suffering. In Hex the heroin sometimes takes the low (moral) road which enables some interesting character and plot developments. Lets face it, girls are often attracted to some pretty destructive men - the girls often see their more vulnerable side - Azazeal plays this sweet badboy perfectly.

    This is not a visual show (although, as someone noted the countryside is pretty). The special effects are almost non-existent. It is a psychological thriller and the characters and music make it scary.

    Hex actually has elements from a number of genres, not least of which is some black comedy (which Brit's excel at). Thelma is fabulous!
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    I found Hex by accident and at first it didn't really impress me. But as I watched further it got more and more interesting and soon I was hooked. The thing I like most about it are the dialogs. Well obviously not all of them, but when they try to be funny, they almost always succeed and the jokes and puns are often double layered.

    The actors are good and there is almost no moralization which really bothers me in shows like Buffy or Angel, as some have tried to compare Hex to. But in reality the only thing in common is the connection with the supernatural and the age of the people this is meant for.

    Here the main characters do make the wrong choice and have to live with it, they may not even feel sorry, there is no really overly sweet friendship moments, or moral moments, or forgiveness moments. Characters change over the series a lot, some of them die.

    It is a continuous story, not just kill this monster in this episode, and kill that monster in the next, but an ongoing story. Most of the actors are good and there are some really original characters, for example the lesbian ghost, and some really original modifications of known characters like the -speaking with a German accent- archangel Raphael. Azazeal is my favorite. He is a strong characters (must have something to with the acting) and you can never really hate him even though he is obviously THE bad guy :) at least for a while. The music fits and is used to create the mood a lot. The special effects? Well there are almost none, except for a creepy slimy monster now and then, since Hex took the more psychological approach to scariness. It works really well. Mind me, it is no more a horror show than Buffy but it may feel a bit more dark. And it is why I love it. The story itself isn't very original, but the little twists in it and the execution are. If you're bored of Buffy, if Angel is starting to get on your nerves give Hex a chance. I like it, why shouldn't you?
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    I have to admit that I was not expecting much from Hex. However after watching the first episode I was impressed and looking forward to the next.

    I am a fan of shows that feature the occult and Hex did not disappoint me. The show features more of an adult set up rather than your usual teeny type show, which is a refreshing change.

    I found the cast to be likable and the scripting to be British - a welcome change to everything being the American way of speech.

    As my user name suggest's I am a fan of Buffy and Angel. Personally I don't think Hex is anything like either show, it is very individual.

    I recommend you watch it and see for yourself - you might be surprised.
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    I was so excited to see a show that encompasses the genre I love so well , and it got better each week. Then I found out that is was actually a series that had ended in the UK in 2004. So I guess they will s how the remainder of it this year some time, and alas another good show will bite the dust for me. Why can they not keep fantasy/horror going is beyond me. I've lost so many shows in 2006: Blade, the series, Invasion,Surface, and Threshold. Yet we have Law & Order on 3 channels 24/7. I can't wait to see Michael Fassbender in "300" when it comes out. The girl who played Cassie was very good also. I've seen a few other shows I like on the BBC channel as well , one about ghost hunters (a man & a women). So I guess people who like Sci-Fi or whatever you want to call this are in the minority as usual.
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    Hex is not at all similar to Buffy or charmed except for the basic narrative of it containing the supernatural! And I don't understand how people can compare them when they have nothing in common! Although Hex seemed to conclude in the most strangest of ways each week, I thought that it was a very brave production for Sky One to broadcast, because their target audience wasn't a guarantee.

    This production was not only entertaining but educational too, not because any of us are likely to have the child of a demon, but because it explores the precautions we must take everyday and also historical issues are raised.

    Hex may not continue for many more series but I hope the second and perhaps the third are just as exciting as the first.

    I must congratulate those who worked on Hex in the feature and the publicity because I felt that everything was done successfully.

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    I'v watched the TV show Hex twice over and I still can not get enough of it. The show is excellent and would range from people my age which is 13 to people as old as 82. The show is an excellent combination of drama, comedy, romance and thriller.

    My personnel comment on the best character in the show would have to be Telma, because she doesn't care what any one things of her. She is a lesbian ghost and proud to be one.

    The show is sometimes compared to Buffy or Charmed but both of those shows don't have the specialness that Hex has. I now they all are about demons and chosen ones but I would gladly watch Hex over and over than watch a marathon of Charmed or Buffy.

    I think that the producers of the show should make another 5 to 6 series because at the end they just left you hanging with the characters, because almost anything could happen to them even though Malacky(sorry about my spelling) has taken over the school. I would still like to now if Ella finally gets her revenge and her and Leon finally get to have a normal relationship.
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    "Hex," more than any other show I can remember, plays for keeps. If henceforth all TV shows were this brave then TV would easily pass film as the most important artistic medium today. The problem is that TV depends too much on maintaining the status quo. Of course this problem has gotten better in recent years (and I'll happily give the credit to HBO), but still producers are too afraid to alienate their audience. Thus if you look back at any given show you will notice that very little changes from one season premiere to the next. The Desperate Housewives still live close by and Vince Chase still has his Entourage. My point being that "Hex" is not afraid of change. New characters replace old ones and nothing ever stays the same. If this season were a film instead of a TV show you would be hard pressed to find the lines between the episodes. We have also been trained to never believe a characters death (I'm looking at you "Alias"), and because of that this show had the ability to legitimately rattle me, in a good way.

    The story is quite Harry Potter-ish. A student at a boarding school gains supernatural powers and is thrust into a battle between good and evil. The main difference being that our hero here, Cassie, is not all good and much better looking. Strong characters are established from the get go. Besides Cassie we also have Thelma, her lesbian ghost roommate. Jemima Rooper who plays Thelma is the star as she represents the moral center of the show. She is good-hearted, but defiant, sex crazed but unable to do anything about it. If I were to have a complaint about the show it would be the shorthand they use to distinguish between good and evil. The theory of the shows seems to be that only evildoers enjoy bodily pleasures such as sex and smoking. This line of thought is very Puritanical and I found it annoying. By the time the monsters showed up on campus I really wasn't very excited to see them. I wanted more of the relationship between Cassie and Thelma. I know the otherworldly stuff is why people tune in to a show called "Hex," but in this case they didn't need it.

    If I were to find one theme from this season it would be that it sucks to be a girl in modern society because you are exploited for your body. We ca probably all agree that this world we live in is filled with evil. But being a guy I really have no concept of what it is like to have everybody I meet only be interested in having sex with me and my child bearing ability. These two things are the only things Azazeal wanted from Cassie. And because Cassie gave in to him she had to pay the price. This show is no masterpiece but it is darn good. The comparisons to "Buffy" are obvious, but this show is twice as good as that one. "Buffy" was a slave to the episodic nature of TV, whereas "Hex" sheds that skin and creates an experience that is nearly cinematic.
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    Having not seen season one, I was unsure of how I would react to Hex. I didn't have to worry though, as I found Hex season two to be absolutely brilliant. After the first episode I was hooked, tuning in every Sunday to see the next episode. In my opinion it is one of the best series on TV at the moment. It has humour, suspense, horror and can sometimes be plain shocking. Much darker than Buffy and seemingly made for a more mature audience it also deals with the problems of teenage life. A great program to watch on those dull Sunday evenings. Jemima Rooper is superb as Thelma and was easily my favourite character from the first episode. The characters are likable and can be very easy to relate to. You just don't see shows like this very often anymore and it is a real breath of fresh air. Bring on season three!
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    Best show ever. the characters are awesome. my favorites are Cassie the witch and Thelma the lesbian ghost. but Azazel is hot. watch it because it would be like nothing you've ever seen before. who ever came up with the idea is a genius. the chemistry between characters it fantastic. you might recognize Cassie from "what a girl wants", this is a major step up for her and she is a great actor and should get more offers after this show. Thelma is also not a new face, she was is in the famous five movies. as the tom-boy George (georgina).its nice to see her with a change of clothes and looking more like a girl. Azazel is a hunk of gorgeous man. he is the fallen angel who is working with the devil against god. this show has a brilliant plot and I'm gonna keep watching
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    I do have criticisms about Hex, but as I am still watching, something must be hooking me in.

    Sky billed Hex as the English Buffy, and as such, I think I had preconceptions about the themes from the start. Perhaps advertising it differently would have helped. It does bear similarities - character wise, and storyline wise - there are heavy tones of Buffy and Angel (demon pregnancy, witch, the forbidden love and it's consequences etc), but it explores these and other themes in a much different way, and this is what puts it's own stamp on.

    The characters are very likable, and I cared enough about Cassie to feel stunned at her 'death'. I found Ella confusing to begin with, but she has progressed into a strong lead character, and has done an excellent job.

    Not having the main character which the story was set around in the show must have been quite a difficult task for the writers.

    Thelma - great character all round, at the start of season 2 I was watching just for her!
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    I really really enjoyed this show, especially the unpredictable way it took us through its dark Gothic set. Sure there is things that are not great, it feels a bit like the logic kind of jumps out the window from time to time, but that does not really matter! this show is about feelings(mostly sad ones) and about both avoiding and facing your destiny...

    **major spoilers ahead**

    True the first season were very different from the second one, but they had the same mood and theme. I liked the way Azazel and Cassie interacted in s.1 and the dark sense of a coming doom.. which do come, and facing her dark fate Cassie utterly fails, she dies giving way for our new heroine Ella. I liked this unexpected twist and how it affected the characters, this also makes the change in series 2 more warranted, with the Antichrist born and free the story arc about Cassie and her family history is not needed anymore, a bit sad and strange at first but it keeps the show much more interesting. I like the way Ella is far from perfect how she struggles and kind of fails and keep trying and fails again etc.. and how minor characters from earlier get bigger roles, especially Roxanne and Leon. When malachai appears (and he is a great Antichrist I must say) he seems less than happy about his role in the world.. he wants no part of his evil destiny, and also Ella seem to just wanna run away from her fate.. this unwillingness to abide to your destiny is a very interesting plot development I think, and is the whole Azazel-Cassie all over again but just a little different of course. Towards the end they both accept their fate to fight after a little help from heaven and hell (the question though, is who actually helped whom.. an excellent twist which runs through the whole show, almost no-one seems to be only good or bad, in the end everybody makes mistakes, even big ones, and everybody have strong feelings, and acting more or less selfish from time to time.) This changing in characters is the shows strongest (and sometimes weakest) point, I love it how everybody changes during the show but just feel that they change a bit too fast sometimes. Especially Thelma, who is the best character of the show, makes a lot of bad choices for selfish reasons.. but she also makes good ones, and like when it came to Amy, who can blame her? she has a very though fate indeed, facing a lot of sadness and only a little happiness.. I also like the sexiness of the show, it fits very well together with fallen angels, witches and the generally Gothic setting.

    Even though I really would like to see more I have trouble seeing what a 3rd season would be about, after all the evil won in the end, and the end of days came. True I am not completely happy in the way it ended. I like it that the bad guys won, they just were not clear enough about it, probably because they wanted to have some room for a third season, fir me just another 20-30 minutes to end it properly would do.. maybe just showing a scene of angels and demons battling each other in front of the burning school and Leon and Thelma hiding in the forest where we left them, crying of fear and failure over Ellas dead body.. and then suddenly meeting old friends (Cassie, Amy, Max, Roxanne, Tom, etc) and everybody then slowly goes away to heaven(or maybe hell) together (a semi happy ending, at least for our main characters getting the chance to meet and be together in the afterlife at least) A scene where Azazel, Raphael and Mephistopheles having a last drink together sitting quiet together seemingly contemplating their bitter and unhappy fates, of course with a close up on a tear falling from Azazels check before everything erupts into light/chaos, could be a kind of fitting/funny final scene

    anyway I really enjoyed this show. It was not completely logical, but in a way much more so than a lot of other series. With all the rambling above I basically just wanted to say that this is the best supernatural show out there with great interesting twists and turns.

    A lot of humor, attitude, sex, and cool music that fits the mood very well is also good reasons to see the show.
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    I started watching this show in '04. I watched the pilot and loved it. I like Cassie because she is just a typical teen in school. Few friends, not part of a big crowd but she wants it a lot. When she discovers her powers, things get interesting. She can move things without touching them, set things alight with her mind etc. But, her powers are part of the cause of her mate Thelma dying. Cassie has a love hate relationship with Azazeal leader a group of fallen angels. As the show progresses , Cassie becomes pregnant with Azazeal's child. The child grows at a quick speed. Cassie tries to terminate the birth but Azazeal manages to stop it. I turns out Cassie only had a C-section and gave birth to an evil son (born on Christmas day). In season 2 Ella arrives to kill the child but Cassie's feelings get in the way and she sacrifices herself for the child. The child ages about 16-18 years in 6 months! He takes over a school and plans to destroy the world. A good show if you want drama, comedy, a little action and romance with a lot of horror. 10/10
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    I got told that I would love this series cause I am a big Charmed and BTVS fan. This is not either of those shows. The first ep was a little slow but by the end of the first season I am hooked and can't wait for more.

    My only thing would be that I wish they had set it in first year uni, the actors just look a little old and I wish my Bording school have been that liberal. I started telling myself that they were in uni and I found that I was a lot more comfortable with the series when I got into that mind frame. Otherwise great cast, something fun and different, I just wish the bad guys was a little more creepy.
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    I've read that "Buffy" was a big success in the UK, playing in late afternoons and drawing complaints of too much sex for that time of day; "H Backward E X" was obviously Britain's attempt at an answer, offering a deal more sex--but a deal less violence, and no Buffy. Tedious at first, it gains in interest and appeal as it goes, partly by revealing at last something of what's going on--at least to a point that the viewer can follow the story--and acquiring a more attractive heroine; but it still leaves a feeling of dissatisfaction, if not distaste, and of having hoodwinked one past many narrative inconsistencies by some clever acting and staging. (Note: This review is based on the first ten episodes; perhaps the last nine correct all the faults and explains away all contradictions.)

    The first episode begins by introducing a back story from 200 years previous (which is never clarified, and is later dropped) and then moves to the present and to its heroine--not a Buffy, surprisingly, but a Carrie (her name is Cassie): a shy, unpopular girl who discovers wild talents in herself. Nobody remarks that she's more beautiful than anyone else at school, in fact could only be a model, although this is evident from her manner, which is modelly and affected. (She's described as shy and lacking in confidence, but neither these characteristics nor any others are very discernible.) By contrast there's a Willow--a comic-pathetic lesbian--as well as a Cordelia and a Xander (and, eventually, a Faith); but no Buffy, and no Giles--in other words, no active forces for goodness or wisdom. In fact, for a school story the show is much underpopulated; it gives the impression of the college's having about six students and only one teacher. (On the other hand, although the setting is described as a small village, there are enough young people about to burst the occupancy limits of the local clubs.)

    Almost immediately the heroine finds a jar in a rathole; this opens her up to a chain of nightmares, visions, hauntings, and more corporeal visits from a fallen angel, the show's archvillain, who however expresses his diabolic nature primarily by posing on hilltops and balconies like the Picture of Dorian Gray. He won't disclose what his object is or what part the heroine is to play in his acquiring it; and what mainly robs the first episodes of interest is this lack of a stake, of any consequence of any action she might take that would matter to her or anybody else. Later in the season things liven up: evil angel kills sidekick (by accident), gets heroine pregnant (by design)....

    Then along comes season 2; and the show bestirs itself--dispenses with the first heroine (none too soon) and brings in a second (the Faith), and demons--well, one. Heroine #2 is an improvement, at least by comparison: she does things; she Slays. Unlike Buffy, however, she doesn't dust evil spirits, she dispatches their human victims, and tries (but fails) to do the same to an infant. She does have her sympathetic side: she's a coke-sniffing, absinthe-drinking, boy-seducing decadent--but not decadent youth; she's out of her teens by some 300 or 2000 years, depending on who's telling it. How she can have lived so long, what she is, and why it's her task to be the villain's nemesis is not explained (here one sees again the need for a Giles). By this point, though, the villain's plan has been made manifest: he wants a son, both just to have one and so his 200 fellow angels can join him below. He's been working on it for 2000 years, but so far the heroine has stopped him by killing the expectant mothers.

    Now, this is stupid: in 2000 years evil angel could have impregnated enough women to repopulate the planet, more than his nemesis could have kept up with, and he could have kept close any he really wanted to protect. And the questions keep coming. For centuries nemesis has been killing mothers-to-be to prevent the evil angels' breaking through; now that they have, she's out to kill the baby and _this_ will stop them; have the rules changed? One of her victims on this go-round, she kills to no point, since he doesn't have the baby (her other victim is killed by accident--again). Nearly every piece of exposition is fractured, and clashes with something else. But despite all this, the show, having got rolling, takes on a flair and momentum that make it entertaining, and the actors intone the faux lore with the right portentousness.

    Best of all--the egg that holds the batter together--is the Willow, after she becomes a ghostly sidekick in the "Topper" tradition: a Shakespearean fool, providing a feed of sardonic counterpoint to a lone, and sometimes unwilling, hearer. In this instance she's also a consumer ghost--always eating, or showing off clothes stolen from corpses. One wonders why nobody notices the foodstuffs floating in midair or her companion talking to nobody (until this becomes a plot point); perhaps that's why the most fun is to be had at night when she does as she pleases in the vacant commons room. For a few episodes she enjoys a fling with another restless spirit, a rather Auntie-Mame-ish one, and their scenes together add some welcome zest, with a dash of erotic delight; indeed, for me, were the high point of the show. It's a shame the companion is spirited away between seasons, without explanation: one more anomaly, if anybody's counting.

    And for another: where's the hex?
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    This was an absolutely brilliant show, the character Azazeal had to be my favourite. Michael Fassbender is such a brilliant actor, and his good-looks kept me watching this show. However, after Azazeal leaves Malachi to fulfil his destiny on his own, i continued watching the show! I would definitely like another season to see what happens after the finale of the second season. I'm not at all religious, but the religious side of the story made the plot more interesting for me. I didn't particularly see Azazeal as truly evil, even though he was supposed to be. I mean, he was still like-able as a character despite the things he did.

    My least favourite character has to be Roxanne, she seemed like a dressed-up little tart only after one! She was a waste of time and i'm glad she is killed off. This is one show that i'll definitely watch time and time again
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    The British Buffy? No. The British Charmed? No. Buffy meets Charmed? Very no. What is this need promoters have to compare a new show to established shows? Is it laziness? Well, it doesn't matter. It is true that there are some similarities between Hex and other supernatural shows, but they hardly bare comparing. The similarities for the most part between Hex and Buffy/Angel are, in my opinion, incidental. Ideas like demonic births, forbidden love, magic and the necessity to fight the paranormal with the paranormal is hardly a new premise. To assume that Hex got its ideas from already established shows does it a disservice because in the end, Hex is nothing like them.

    While Buffy/Angel and Charmed tend to rely on action to carry much of the story, Hex relies a great deal more on dialogue. This does not take away from the show but rather allows for the watcher to get to know the characters and to develop their own relationships with them. The show also is unafraid to hurt or even kill off main characters if the story warrants it. I believe this is important in a show. And since Hex has no title character it is possible to remove any character if the storyline demands it.

    Those who like shows such as Buffy because of the action might not enjoy Hex as much and might find it slow, but Hex is not the first show to carry the story through the characters and their relationships. Rather, I found that it made the story more real and interesting in some ways, especially since the majority of the characters are higher class snobs with the attitudes and personalities to match. At the same time, most of the main characters are round and dynamic. They grow and change and even the Annointed One has various depths to her character rather than being the typical self righteous do-gooder, whining teen who just wants to be normal or rebellious adolescent who either gets out of control or does what she wants because she can. There are stereotypes but they are less pronounced and most of the characters are sympathetic.

    I, for my part, enjoy the show. There are the occasional episodes or moments that don't bare watching, but every show that's ever existed has those moments. I for one enjoy watching it and am currently watching the show a second time. Those who are interested in action may not enjoy it but those who like to develop relationships with characters and see the change and growth in relationships and characters that seem fairly real probably will.
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    i started watching this show when bbc America started airing it here in the states i watched the pilot because i thought it looked a lot similar to buffy the vampire slayer(my favorite show... rest in peace). the first episode was OK but as the series progresses it seems to get better and better. ill make it plain that hex is by no means my favorite show ever but it serves a good purpose of being a good summer show. up to episode seven it has been good and interesting with many plot twists and cool character. i ask that you try out this show and give it a chance because it really is worth it. it might also be a good show to pick up the season for because that way you can watch it at your leisure
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    I am of the opinion that Hex is far superior to the squeaky clean US Buffy series. I am well past my teen years so I also resent some people dismissing as a "teen soap". It has a much more sophisticated sense of humour to it, it is way sexier and a hell of a lot more believable (as long as you don't count the whole idea behind the story,lol). I have always enjoyed occult fantasy and originality. The acting in my opinion is better then that of any of the Buffy characters. Also, as for character is a 2 series show for god's sake, not some mega buck US crap that keeps going on and on and on until finally the cast say, ENOUGH!!! I think given the limited time that the characters developed quite naturally. Also, I am pretty confident it will not have all the mega merchandising spin offs that Buffy did, HOOORAY!!!!!
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    If you like American Sci-Fi and Horror TV shows like Buffy, Charmed and Dark Angel. Then you will most likely like Hex.

    The show has deep complicated characters who are played brilliantly by talented actors and actresses.

    The story lines mix teen angst and sexual awakening, perfectly with demon slaying and spell casting.

    The only negative comment I have against the show is the shortness of the seasons. The first season was only five episodes long and the second only 13 The show has a lot to live up to with it being compared to a British Buffy but already on only its second season its showing the ability to become a massive cult hit.
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    Of course this isn't a British Buffy, I do not easily buy into the media hype.

    I really loved this show from the first episode. I'm not not going to try and go into some deep flowing "critic-speak" as quite frankly it is boring.

    I have to say that season 2 is even better, the creators are not frightened to do away with leading characters and replacing them with equally stronger and if not even stronger leading roles.

    I was a little apprehensive when they killed off Cassandra, but when Ella arrived on the scene my apprehension was blown away, they had found an even stronger character. I found at times the character of Cassandra to be weak and seemed to be extremely bored midway through season 1, in a way I am really glad to see the back of the character.

    As for Azaziel now leaving, that is a real pity, for me the jury is still out on Malachi as we've only seen him a couple of times as an adolescent.

    I'm looking forward for many series to come. As already said, this isn't British Buffy, don't really know what it compares to yet.
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    Season 1 - amazing. After catching just one episode on Sky, I quickly ordered the first series and fell in love with the whole cast. A series with such a wonderful plot line, incredible actors and impeccable script deserved great recognition. And after that cliffhanger ending, I was desperate to see the second series and bought it as soon as I could.

    What a waste of money. The first episode or two were good - it stuck to the rhythm that made the first series so enticing. And then they brought in Ella to replace a character who was so much more realistic and appealing. At first I though, maybe this would work out.

    But this series is so impossibly confused. Would it really have been so hard to have consistent personalities for characters? A realistic plot which didn't just involve characters shagging each other all over the place? ANYTHING that had made the first series so amazing? Apparently so.

    There is only one reason to watch the second series and that is Thelma. Thank god they kept her in, she's the only lifeline they had to cling to by the end.

    The end result? Feeling bitterly disappointed and let down. It could have been fantastic. If you're a die hard fan, then by all means watch season 2. But you'll only be left with a sour taste in your mouth by the careless destruction of what made you love series 1 and frustration that you can't even get a bit of closure out of the mess that made up the second.

    So only 5 out of 10 - 5 points for Season 1 and 0 for Season 2.