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Mission: Impossible Crack-Up (1966–1973) HD online

Mission: Impossible Crack-Up (1966–1973) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Action / Adventure / Crime / Drama / Thriller
Original Title: Crack-Up
Director: Sutton Roley
Writers: Bruce Geller,Arthur Weiss
Released: 1966–1973
Duration: 1h
Video type: TV Episode
Law enforcement agencies believe that Peter Cordel is a killer for hire, but no evidence linking him to any killings has been uncovered. The IMF is assigned to obtain the evidence needed to arrest Cordel, and to learn the identity of his Syndicate boss. The IMF's lures Cordel, who is a chess master, into a game where he can be given a drug that induces post-hypnotic suggestions. The IMF is then able to convince Cordel that he's suffering from blackouts during which he kills a number of people close to him -- and that his impending mental breakdown will make the Syndicate want him dead.
Episode cast overview:
Peter Graves Peter Graves - Jim Phelps
Greg Morris Greg Morris - Barney Collier
Lynda Day George Lynda Day George - Lisa Casey (credit only)
Peter Lupus Peter Lupus - Willy Armitage
Alex Cord Alex Cord - Peter Cordel
Marlyn Mason Marlyn Mason - Sandy
Peter Breck Peter Breck - Harry Cordel
Cathleen Cordell Cathleen Cordell - Mrs. Taylor
John Pickard John Pickard - Doctor
Edward Knight Edward Knight - Driver
Earl Eby Earl Eby - Gentleman (as Earl Ebi)
Robert Kenneally Robert Kenneally - Bartender (as Bob Kenneally)
Arthur Franz Arthur Franz - Dr. Adler