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Doctor Who The Invasion: Episode Seven (1963–1989) HD online

Doctor Who The Invasion: Episode Seven (1963–1989) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Adventure / Drama / Family / Sci-Fi
Original Title: The Invasion: Episode Seven
Director: Douglas Camfield
Writers: Derrick Sherwin,Kit Pedler
Released: 1963–1989
Duration: 24min
Video type: TV Episode
With the entire world unconscious apart from the Doctor and his friends, the Cybermen are poised to invade and only Zoe, the Brigadier and a missile crew can stop them.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Patrick Troughton Patrick Troughton - Dr. Who
Sally Faulkner Sally Faulkner - Isobel
Wendy Padbury Wendy Padbury - Zoe
Frazer Hines Frazer Hines - Jamie
Robert Sidaway Robert Sidaway - Captain Turner
James Thornhill James Thornhill - Sergeant Walters
Nicholas Courtney Nicholas Courtney - Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart
Kevin Stoney Kevin Stoney - Tobias Vaughn
Peter Halliday Peter Halliday - Packer
Edward Burnham Edward Burnham - Professor Watkins
Clifford Earl Clifford Earl - Major Branwell
Norman Hartley Norman Hartley - Sergeant Peters
Ralph Carrigan Ralph Carrigan - Cyberman
Charles Finch Charles Finch - Cyberman
Pat Gorman Pat Gorman - Cyberman

This episode was watched by 7.2 million viewers on its original transmission.

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    In the penultimate episode of The Invasion, things go quite bad: the Cybermen, having realized Tobias Vaughn is about to betray them, double-cross him by announcing they will destroy the Earth. UNIT isn't in any better condition, as the Brigadier has sent some men to Russia, where a missile will be launched in order to destroy the mental control device the Cybermen have planted on the moon. Even the Doctor is having a hard time, as he has to convince Vaughn the best thing for him to do is saving our planet.

    One more episode to go, and it is only now that the real danger is introduced: it was obvious the invasion would be prevented, so here comes the bomb threat to provide an extra dose of suspense before the whole story ends. The crazy thing is, the gimmick actually works: this is by far the tensest and most satisfying chapter of The Invasion, filled with good dialogue and smart twists. The highlight is of course the confrontation between Vaughn and the Doctor: Kevin Stoney has always been the best thing in this batch of episodes, and Troughton, after doing pretty much nothing so far, is finally given the opportunity to fully employ all the tics, wisecracks and snide remarks that come with his role. On the downside, there is no sign whatsoever of the Cybermen in this episode: the threat itself is pretty terrifying, sure, but a little extra presence to add to the dread would have been nice.

    Overall, pretty damn good. No real villains (except for Vaughn), but their absence is compensated by true tension and the protagonist's newfound energy.

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    Doctor Who: The Invasion: Episode 7 starts as the Cybermen attack London, Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart (Nicholas Courtney) says that every major city in the world from New York to Moscow has gone silent & is being attacked. The Doctor (Patrick Troughton) decides he has to try to convince Tobias Vaughn (Kevin Stoney) to stop the invasion while the Brigadier sends Captain Jimmy Turner (Robert Sidaway) & some UNIT men to Russia to fit one of their rockets with a warhead which will be launched in an attempt to destroy the Cybermen's mind control transmitter on the moon. Back in London & the Brigadier uses military missiles to destroy the incoming Cybermen fleet of spacecraft but back at International Electromatics & the Cybermen decide to change their plans as they intend to drop a Cyber megatron bomb that will destroy all life on Earth...

    Episode 17 from season 6 this Doctor Who adventure originally aired here in the UK during December 1968, directed by Douglas Camfield this story really has outstayed it's welcome as far as I'm concerned. The script by Derrick Sherwin from a story by Kit Pedler has gone on for what has seemed like forever, to be fair to it The Invasion was meant to be seen as one episode a week over eight weeks & watching them all so close together probably doesn't do it any favours but I just can't can't say I'm enjoying this that much. Apart from the short recap of the end of Episode 6 this one doesn't feature any Cybermen at all even though they have apparently taken over the world, in fact there are supposed to be 100's of them in London but whenever we see London there isn't a Cyberman in sight which is frankly disappointing because they have had next to nothing to do the entire story & I'm positive The Invasion is sold as a Cyberman story & I just feel a little cheated that they are relegated to inconsequential cameos. After Zoe did a disappearing act during Episode 3 it's Jamie's turn here as at the very start of Episode 7 he is shot in the leg, in the next scene the Doctor then ask's about Jamie to which Zoe says it was just a flesh wound although the UNIT doctor won't let him walk on it which conveniently stops him from appearing again in this episode. To be honest I'm glad there's only one episode left & I don't usually say or feel that about Doctor Who stories.

    Again this is pretty creaky & dated, the stock footage of real missiles being launched look completely different from the model shots of missiles seen on the ground & it's just a poor & frankly sloppy looking continuity error. Then there's the shots of the Cyber fleet being destroyed in space, however this is space without any stars or planets in the background & appears to be blanket blackness. I'm not being funny here but couldn't some have painted some white dots onto the black background to represent stars or something like that? A not terribly impressive episode on the technical side of things I'm afraid. The acting throughout The Invasion has been OK with Kevin Stoney as the sinister Tobias Vaughn standing out, he's a great villain superbly played by Stoney & he has a wonderfully expressive face & this look where one eyelid seems to be half closed all the time while the other is open, I've tried to do it myself but can't!

    The Invasion: Episode 7 isn't anything special, there's no Cybermen in it, it's rather dull & drawn out & quite simply I've just lost patience with this story & there's still one episode left.
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    Review for all 8 episodes:

    This is a truly classic story of the Cybermen invading Earth with the help of megalomaniac businessman Tobias Vaughn played brilliantly by Kevin Stoney. The villainous Vaughn is a superb character, performed to perfection and is actually the main adversary for The Doctor with the Cybermen very much in the background. This is not a bad thing as the Cybermen when they do appear have more impact and do their job as a 'monster' perfectly (especially in iconic scenes rising from the sewers to be seen starting to position themselves at locations such as St. Paul's Cathedral). Menacing, exciting and entertaining. Meanwhile Vaughn does his job perfectly, intellectually and verbally jousting with The Doctor better than any Cyberman really could.

    To keep such quality up over 8 episodes is very impressive and it does so with cleverness and style. This is an all time classic, one of the greatest. It is a wonderful blend of great acting by regular cast and guest cast, characterisation, dialogue and direction (by Douglas Camfield). It has a good helping of action, tension, an intelligent script and is top notch storytelling from writers Sherwin and Pedler. Great stuff! All 8 episodes 10/10.