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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Dragonborn (2012) HD online

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Dragonborn (2012) HD online
Language: English
Category: Video Game / Action / Adventure / Fantasy
Original Title: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Dragonborn
Director: Todd Howard
Writers: Emil Pagliarulo
Released: 2012
Video type: Video Game
On the island of Solstheim, a former Dragon Priest named Miraak claims to be the original Dragonborn.
Credited cast:
Tim Blaney Tim Blaney - Usha (voice)
George Coe George Coe - Crescius Caerellius / Palevius Alex / Tharstan (voice)
Jon Curry Jon Curry - Ebony Warrior / General Falx Carius / Sirkjorg (voice)
Colleen Delany Colleen Delany - Aphia Velothi / Merilar Rendas / Milore Ienth / Morwen (voice)
Neil Dickson Neil Dickson - Ancarion / Dremora Butler / Fethis Alor / Thalmor Soldier (voice)
Dan Donohue Dan Donohue - Teldryn Sero / Mordin Veleth / Dremora Merchant / Elder Othreloth / Ralis Sedarys / Tolenos Omoren / Vendil Severin / Galdrus Hlervu / Redoran Guard (voice)
Ellen Dubin Ellen Dubin - Eydis / Herkja / Hilund / Niyya / Sacrifice (voice)
Thor Edgell Thor Edgell - Baldor Iron-Shaper / Oslaf (voice)
Susan Eisenberg Susan Eisenberg - Edla / Mirri Severin (voice)
Corri English Corri English - Rakel / Yrsa (voice)
Paul Ganus Paul Ganus - Hjalfar / Torkild (voice)
Michael Gough Michael Gough - Adventurer / Benkum / Gjalum Salt-Sage / Halbarn Iron-Fur / Madman / Majni / Pirate Captain / Werebear / Wulf Wild-Blood (voice)
Harley Graham Harley Graham - Aeta (voice)
Peter Jessop Peter Jessop - Miraak (voice)
Martina Lotun Martina Lotun - Bujold the Unworthy / Fanari Strong-Voice / Liesl (voice)

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    Well, what starts well, will probably end well, no matter what happens in the middle. Horrible logic, I know, but it perfectly describes Skyrim's DLCs. Dragonborn is the largest out of the three, introducing a brand-new island to explore, filled full of quests, lore and weird locations to visit. The ash-filled waste of Solstheim is, like the province of Skyrim itself, teeming with things to do. It is split into the southern half, the iconic, Dunmer-infested area, most of which dream of going back to Morrowind, while the north half is a frigid hell with Nords named the Skaal finding the place home. The realms of a Daedric Prince also are common in this world, although to avoid spoilers, I'm not going to mention who. The locations in this game, while feeling quite boring sometimes, but there are many things to take your breath away, especially to me, who has never played Morrowind, such as a Stilt Strider, or Tel Mithryn. Other than that, there are the normal caves, and even some Dwemer ruins. The main quest-line is great, although it doesn't match Dawnguard, or a guild quest-line like The Dark Brotherhood. The end boss is certainly the best in the game, including the other DLC, as it actually feels like you're fighting something equivalent to you. The brand new enemies, characters and side-quests are all quite good. New shouts, spells and even a new enchantment are included within the DLC. Overall, if you liked Skyrim, there is not even a chance you'll dislike this DLC. It includes a brand new, densely-packed island for you to explore, teeming with new landscapes, enemies and quests to get lost in for hours. While lacking sometimes in things that exceed your expectations, this DLC contains so much good, the cons are almost negligible. Almost.