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Hot Streak  HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Series / Game Show
Original Title: Hot Streak
Duration: 30min
Video type: TV Series
"Hot Streak" is a game show pitting a team of five men against five women. While four members of the team are wearing headphones with loud music playing, the host reveals -- to the team captain -- the word they are playing for. The captain must then try to give verbal clues to the next person in line, relating to the word, without saying the actual word. Once a person guesses the word correctly, that person has to give clues to the next person, and so on down the line, without repeating any clues previously given, until all four team members have guessed the word correctly. The highest scoring team gets to go on to the final round, in which a topic is given by the host, and the team leader, with help from the audience, can pick four words relating to that topic (the other four contestants don the headphones again at this point, so they cannot hear the words being chosen). Once the words have been decided upon, the headphones are off, and all the contestants are ready to play. The host...
Cast overview:
James O'Neill James O'Neill - Himself - Host
Ron E. Sparks Ron E. Sparks - Announcer (voice)