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The Rochdale Pioneers (2012) HD online

The Rochdale Pioneers (2012) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama / Family / History
Original Title: The Rochdale Pioneers
Director: Adam Lee Hamilton,John Montegrande
Writers: J.S. Papenbrock
Released: 2012
Budget: £86,000
Duration: 57min
Video type: Movie
The story is set in 1844 when a group of working-class people from the town of Rochdale came together to change the unfair society they were living in. Fed up with dishonest and corrupt shopkeepers selling poor quality products at high prices they decide to take matters into their own hands. By pooling the few resources they have, the group manage to get enough money together to open their own shop and pledge to only sell quality, unadulterated products, sharing the profits fairly with their customers. The shop is only small and stocks just a handful of products like butter, flour and sugar, but the idea itself is revolutionary and the way they do business is fundamentally different in its nature.


Cast overview, first billed only:
John Henshaw John Henshaw - John Holt
Jordan Dawes Jordan Dawes - Samuel Ashworth
Andrew London Andrew London - William Cooper
Michael Purcell Michael Purcell - Mill Clerk
Robert Maxfield Robert Maxfield - Mr. Smith
Rachel Caffrey Rachel Caffrey - Betty Cooper
Jack Baldwin Jack Baldwin - Charles Howarth
Eric Hulme Eric Hulme - Miles Ashworth
Matthew Stead Matthew Stead - James Daly
Bob Young Bob Young - John Shackell
Darren White Darren White - James Smithies
Josie Owen Josie Owen - Mrs. Croft
Eliza Kempson Eliza Kempson - Mrs. Shackell
Michael Whewell Michael Whewell - James Standring
John Symes John Symes - Mr. Butterworth

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    This was never meant to trouble the BAFTA members. Hope that's not a spoiler for anyone. I enjoyed this because it was educational and related the story of how one of Britain's stalwart retail chains came into being. It wasn't just an early attempt to make us all customers, but the beginning of an attempt at greater social equality. Apart from two well-known faces, I didn't recognise any of the actors, so I'd guess they were amateurs. Ditto the production staff, too.

    So don't approach this film expecting Hollywood standards; walk away if that's all you want. If you want to see a film about working folk pulling together against the naysayers, put together by non-professionals battling similarly, you've come to the right place. You get a sense of what this meant to the factory workers of mid 19th century Rochdale, and what they believed and gave up for a chance to attain it.

    Ignore the low score and give it a chance if you get the chance. Thanks Film on Four for my chance.
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    I really enjoyed watching this film and getting a sense of how the pioneers came together and followed a dream to create a business that was based on social cooperation and shared values.

    The pace was a little slow at times but my interest in the characters and where the story was going held my attention.

    As a result of the film, I felt more of an affinity with the present day Cooperative model and signed up to membership of the local store and also the cooperative energy provider. What a call to action! The film was not only entertaining and informative, but it revived the cooperative spirit and the sentiment of the original founders.

    Well done to all involved.