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Dugong Bughaw (1951) HD online

Dugong Bughaw (1951) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Action / Adventure / Fantasy
Original Title: Dugong Bughaw
Director: Nardo Vercudia
Writers: Mar S. Torres
Released: 1951
Video type: Movie
Cast overview:
Oscar Moreno Oscar Moreno
Alicia Vergel Alicia Vergel
Tessie Martinez Tessie Martinez
Norma Vales Norma Vales
Ernesto Garcia Ernesto Garcia
Bert Olivar Bert Olivar
Jose De Villa Jose De Villa
Tony Suarez Tony Suarez
Ricardo Mirasol Ricardo Mirasol
Ruben Arcangel Ruben Arcangel
Totoy Torrente Totoy Torrente
Batotoy Batotoy
Rebecca Del Rio Rebecca Del Rio

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Serialized in Aksiyon Komiks.