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Swellhead (1935) HD online

Swellhead (1935) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Action / Comedy / Drama / Sport
Original Title: Swellhead
Director: Benjamin Stoloff
Writers: Gerald Beaumont,William Jacobs
Released: 1935
Duration: 1h 3min
Video type: Movie
Baseball player Terry McCall is a very good baseball player, who doesn't mind bragging about his skills on the baseball-diamond and also his off-the-field skills at wooing and winning women. An accident cause his luck to turn bad, and results in him turning blind, but he later regains his sight after being instrumental in saving the life of Mickey Malone, the team's young mascot. He then promises Mary Malone, Mickey's sister, for whose affection he has been competing with a teammate, that he is through showing off and bragging. But, at the end, he is still blowing smoke.
Cast overview:
Wallace Ford Wallace Ford - Terry McCall
Dickie Moore Dickie Moore - Billy Malone
Barbara Kent Barbara Kent - Mary Malone
J. Farrell MacDonald J. Farrell MacDonald - Umpire
Marion Byron Marion Byron - Bessie
Sammy Cohen Sammy Cohen - Casey Cohen
Mike Donlin Mike Donlin - Brick Baldwin
Frank Moran Frank Moran - The Rube
Bryant Washburn Bryant Washburn - Malone

Film debut of Wallace Ford.

This film went before the cameras in April-May 1933, but was not released until 1935.