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The Dark Knight (2011) HD online

The Dark Knight (2011) HD online
Language: English
Category: Creative Work / Action / Fantasy
Original Title: The Dark Knight
Director: Drew Maxwell
Writers: Drew Maxwell
Released: 2011
Budget: $10,000
Duration: 1h 21min
Video type: Creative Work
A group of desperate soldiers hatch a plan to steal a Warlord's treasure and start a new life. Faced with the threat of a horrific death at the hands of the Warlord's executioners, the men escape into a desolate and forbidden land known only as the Shadowlands. Now the men must flee from the Warlord's vicious assassins whilst defending themselves from the terrifying creatures that inhabit the land.


Cast overview, first billed only:
Kyle Walsh Kyle Walsh - Xan
Aaron Farb Aaron Farb - Cal
Debra Lopez Debra Lopez - Tana
Bruce Spielbauer Bruce Spielbauer - The Trader
R. Michael Gull R. Michael Gull - Dak
Matt Ukena Matt Ukena - Murdock
Alisa Venus Alisa Venus - Kuro
Amanda Borchardt Amanda Borchardt - Erika
Terrell Harper Terrell Harper - Ken
Ryan Berard Ryan Berard - Jordan / Soldier
Xander Mawell Xander Mawell - Young Xan
Amanda Shalhoub Amanda Shalhoub - Xan's Mother
Matthew Huebsch Matthew Huebsch - Xan's Father
Keryaki Kolasa Keryaki Kolasa - Concubine
Adam Bucholz Adam Bucholz - Warlord

Reviews: [7]

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    I know that if you are reading this it is only because you want to see if someone can actually describe how terrible this movie is. Well, I can't. I spent some time in a dictionary/thesaurus trying to find some way to adequately describe the horrendous graphics, terrible script, extremely poor acting, and overall lack of quality that this movie has so successfully achieved.

    I got this movie at Red box(I don't know why they even sell this movie) because I had seen everything else and the title/cover of it made it seem like a low budget horror movie. Nothing could have prepared me for how horrible this movie would be. Half of the movie was just running or walking sequences; lacking in dialogue and boring.I have made better movies then this with no money and an iphone as a camera. I would expect this movie to be produced by a high school film class, and even then I would be disappointed. Just a bad movie.
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    Yes,thank the powers that be for 'fast-forward!' The best thing about this alleged film is the DVD cover picture,which fools you into thinking you are going to see a throwback to the old Italian post-apocalyptic holocaust type videos of the 1980's. They at least were low budget but fun,this is only low budget and no fun.

    A lot of the time when not fast forwarding,I thought I might as well be watching the graphics of any new Xbox 360 game. Apart from the cgi monsters,our heroes just spend most the time running through woods,either away from the creatures or towards them. Characterization takes the form of low speaking in a gruff voice which shows that the hero is out for revenge. The Warlords death squad of female warriors don't speak at all,which is unusual for a woman...I'm joking! Though their leader breaks her silence to declare love for freedom and also one of the other men. When she's not running through the woods with the rest.

    The monsters are duly found and dispensed,oh,hum and all ends well,apart for our hero who was so boring that nobody really cares. At least his days of running through the woods are over.

    Did I mention there was a lot of running in this?

    All in all a pitiful mess and waste of your time and if you picked this up thinking it was the recent Batman blockbuster...well,more fool you.
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    When I rented this movie it was called "Dark Nemesis" and is what I call a "TGFFF" movie: Thank God, for Fast Forward. In fact, this sucker is so bad, I fast-forwarded it to the max. The "monsters" are totally fake and cheap. They have wings and zoom around, but when they chase the heroes (who are on foot), they somehow cannot catch them. They have huge teeth but don't bite off heads, which it what you would expect.

    The dialog is expositional and pedestrian: it tells us what we already know, then tells us again and again and again. I refer to scene on a bridge between the safe world and Shadowlands (which, in a voice-over at the beginning of the movie, we are warned is a "very bad place" where "monsters dwell.") Then this guy (obviously doomed to die) on the bridge tells our heroes the same thing . . . twice. Plus, just in case we are deaf or stupid, a sign on the bridge arch says, "Turn Back."

    Later in the movie, the actors very slowly walk up and down this basement being stalked by a monster you never see (an over-used cliché) and they do this for maybe ten minutes.

    Normally, I enjoy monster movies, but this one is a total waste of time. As for paying homage to other movies . . . I would say they plagiarized other movies and did it badly.

    I gave it 1 out of ten because this rating has no minus numbers.
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    The effects, costumes, action sequences and production are what you would expect from a low budget film.

    Despite this, I enjoyed it. Its original & offbeat enough to not be too cliché or predictable. The actors do a good job of plying their craft. There are attempts at comic relief thrown in that satire other movies and others that have a style all their own.

    All in all, a quality b or c movie production.

    More fun & interesting than some overdone, big name & budget, productions. Better story, character development and acting, too.

    I gave it an 8.
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    Because, honestly, it has those Sci-Fi Channel level aspects- No real violence, bad CGI monsters, poor acting. Inexplicable breaks in the action where someone would put a commercial.

    The plot is that a group of soldiers in a post-apocalyptic world rob their warlord and flee into a forbidden forest where monsters dwell, pursued by the all-girl assassin squad. There's a battle at the beginning of the movie, which is where I suspect that they spent all the money.

    Most of the film is spent on running in the forest, where they pretend to fight the bad CGI monsters and act impressed. Because the all-girl assassin squad wears masks, we don't get any range of emotion from them. The guys don't have any excuse at all.

    Nothing anyone does in this movie makes a lick of sense, really.
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    The camera in this film is distractedly shaky... was the cameraman drunk? Every time I looked at the screen the cast were running around in various forest scenery without any real apparent goal. I wanted to forgive and forget the obvious low budget and enjoy what this could have offered, unfortunately it only had boredom to serve.
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    This movie is terrible. WAY too much running in one direction or another. I fast-forwarded through approximately 80% without missing much. Lots of intent looks, and fake fear that was not convincing. I'm sorry I wasted part of an evening on it. And can anyone tell me why it's listed on IMDb as The Dark Knight but being marketed on DVD as Dark Nemesis? I can't figure that one out unless it has to do with the Batman release around the same time. If I had read the reviews before, I wouldn't have bothered. The 'fake' monsters didn't bother me as much as all of the pointless running back and forth; first back, then forth, over and over and over.