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Vampire Dog (2012) HD online

Vampire Dog (2012) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy / Family
Original Title: Vampire Dog
Director: Geoff Anderson
Writers: Tracy McMenemy
Released: 2012
Duration: 1h 31min
Video type: Movie
Ace is just like any other new kid at school, until his grandfather from Transylvania dies at age 96 and sends him his dog Fang. Ace soon discovers that Fang is a vampire dog - and he speaks English! Mad scientist Dr. Warhol and her bumbling assistant Frank try to capture Fang and steal his DNA in hopes of developing the latest anti-aging technology, but lucky for Ace the vampire dog manages to stay one step ahead of his pursuers. Along the way an enduring friendship forms when Ace and Fang discover that together they are unstoppable.


Cast overview, first billed only:
Collin MacKechnie Collin MacKechnie - Ace
Julia Sarah Stone Julia Sarah Stone - Skylar
Amy Matysio Amy Matysio - Dr. Warhol
Ron Pederson Ron Pederson - Frank
Jodi Sadowsky Jodi Sadowsky - Susan
Kimberly Elek Kimberly Elek - Jenny (as Kim Elek)
Lauren Laschuk Lauren Laschuk - Lulu
Dylan Sthamann Dylan Sthamann - Murray Arbuckle
Mark D. Claxton Mark D. Claxton - Principal Hickman (as Mark Claxton)
Alan Bratt Alan Bratt - Sylvester
Doug Leaf Doug Leaf - Janitor
Darla Biccum Darla Biccum - Hearty Woman
Myeva Surjik Myeva Surjik - Cafeteria Lady #1
Margo Regan Margo Regan - Cafeteria Lady #2
Cavan Cunningham Cavan Cunningham - Superintendent Rafferty

The dogs name, 'Fang', is a reference to the iconic fangs vampires are known to have, which they used to suck blood, which is red in colour.

"Lugosi High School" is named for actor Bela Lugosi, who found fame playing Dracula.

Vampire dogs eating red jelly is a reference to legends of human vampires, said to drink blood, which is also red in color.

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    This movie has very little to do with Vampires, or blood, or any real evil. The dog talks and has to avoid sunlight. Oh, and instead of drinking blood, he's into red Jello, but since this was made in Cananda, they call it "jelly". Sure the acting is awful but it's meant to be. The whole movie is slap stick and campy.

    There's a sad boy who lost his Dad to illness, starting over in a new school. There's a neighborhood love interest who's nerdy but trying to keep in good graces with the "cool girls" that have allowed her to hang with them. Both kids are challenged to stand up to the mean kids, learn to be true to themselves, and do what they are good at.

    The most raucous slapstick is reserved for the school's unscrupulous principal, and the (out of left field) goons that try to catch the dog throughout the movie and are foiled by the dog. They always get what's coming to them. It's just a fun little movie to watch with your kid. We enjoyed it.
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    If it was possible I would give the cinematic masterpiece vampire dog 11 stars (or Jellies if you have seen this life changing movie). Vampire Dog brings us to a mysterious place called Lagousi County, located somewhere in North America. I would presume it is in the true America based on the abundance of American Flags.

    The basic premise may seem childish to those who do not possess a fine eye for cinema. Albeit cliché this charming coming of age story about a young man's mission to stop the closure of the sole public school in the county teaches us about life and the meaning of growing up and death.

    The acting was marvelous, especially the recorder solo located at the climax of the film. The villains obviously were symbolic of the federal government trying to close public schools in favor of corporate greed.

    Alas my space has run out, and instead I must end with my thoughts. I believe Vampire Dog is a once in a vampire dog's life film. I give this two fangs up!