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Jag Mandir: Das exzentrische Privattheater des Maharadscha von Udaipur (1991) HD online

Jag Mandir: Das exzentrische Privattheater des Maharadscha von Udaipur (1991) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Documentary
Original Title: Jag Mandir: Das exzentrische Privattheater des Maharadscha von Udaipur
Director: Werner Herzog
Writers: Werner Herzog
Released: 1991
Duration: 1h 22min
Video type: Movie
In this surreal documentary legendary Werner Herzog shows us how on the suggestion of a saint, the king of Udaipur invites various artists, tribes from numerous cultures across india to celebrate life and ward off evil.
Credited cast:
André Heller André Heller - Himself

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    Jag Mandir:The eccentric private theater of the Maharajah of Udaipur.

    The maharajah asked the wisest men in his kingdom what he should teach his young son. He was told to hold a festival where he could show his son all of the arts that will soon be lost to the world. He was also told to have a procession around the city so that it would ward away evil. The film is Werner Herzog's record of the procession and the festival. I like the first half of the film where we see some of the set up of the festival and we meet, fleeting, the Maharajah. However once the show, or the festival starts its simply one act after another after another. Its not bad, actually its quite interesting seeing all of the various performers, however it is over whelming. Its a large number of performers in a short amount of time and with out any context or break (even in the brief 85 minute running time) it was too much. To be honest I think part of the problem is that the film opens with an explanation of the festival by a friend of Herzog's who put the festival together. In the seven or eight minutes that he talks he creates such a sense of wonder and magic of what they were trying to do and what they did that actually seeing the festival can't live up to his words.(Though as he said there was over twenty hours of film shot for the movie and there was no way we could see it all). Worth a look on TV or DVD where you can pause the film if it becomes over whelming.

    6.5 out of 10
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    "Jag Mandir: Das exzentrische Privattheater des Maharadscha von Udaipur" or "Jag Mandir: The Eccentric Private Theatre of the Maharaja of Udaipur" or just "Jag Mandir" is an Austrian (probably because of Heller) / German co-production from 1991, so the film has its 25th anniversary this year. It was written and directed by successful German filmmaker who can also (as almost always in his films) be heard narrating occasionally. The film runs for slightly over 80 minutes and the title already says what this is about. I must say that, before watching the film, I had absolutely no idea who or what Jag Mandir was and also no idea who or what Udaipur was. And I only vaguely know what a Maharaja is. But please don't ask me the difference between a Maharaja and a Sultan. But this is also not what this documentary is about. And that's perfectly fine as we are supposed to learn about the title character's private theater in here. The documentary starts (at least in the version I watched) with a brief interview with musician, filmmaker and actor André Heller and I must say this part did almost nothing for me. This part took way longed than it should have. Maybe they had to do it, so that the film would not even run for under 70 minutes. Then, afterward, we are introduced to the Maharaja, the people who were closest to him and also to the general scenario of where we were, who the people were and finally what this film is about in general. This is the very best part of the film as, in my opinion, it was really the only part of the film where we actually learn something. Of course, listening to Herzog's voice always helps. I would rate this sequence a 6 out of 10, but everything before and after it was worse, which should explain my rating. We spoke about the "before", now lets get to the "after". It is the actual performance mentioned in the title of the documentary. In my opinion, it was way too long and I was very bored occasionally as I sat through this dragging little stage show. I did not see anything special in there I must admit and there were moments when it felt even a bit ridiculous sadly. With the latter I am referring mostly to the parts when people dressed up as and acted like animals. I can only imagine that it must have been a much better watch live if you are in the same room, but was nothing memorable at all to see on the screen. I wished Herzog could have kept this film at 50 minutes max like he did with some other of his works. So yeah, I think enough has been said. If you look at the number of votes, you will see that this is one of Herzog's films that has not really been seen by many and lets be honest: Those who have not seen it have not missed anything really. I give it a thumbs down, one of Herzog's very few films that ended up disappointing me.