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Worth the Fall (2007) HD online

Worth the Fall (2007) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Drama
Original Title: Worth the Fall
Director: Matt Coleman,Justin Garza
Writers: Matt Coleman,Bill Price
Released: 2007
Duration: 8min
Video type: Movie
Manuel is a legal immigrant working as a janitor in an American middle school. When he sees the principal making unwanted sexual advances towards a female student, he considers reporting the incident. However, his wife Isa tells him to keep quiet because she doesn't have a visa, she needs to stay in the US for medical treatment, and going to the authorities may have the unwanted side effect of getting their family deported. Manuel ponders what is best for his family and what is best for the school children, remembers an incident from his own childhood, and contemplates a very difficult decision.


Cast overview:
Edgar Arreola Edgar Arreola - Manuel Ramirez
Vanesa Baggett Vanesa Baggett - Isa Ramirez
Elisa Riveria Elisa Riveria - Alicia Ramirez
Lindsey Rayl Lindsey Rayl - Girl Victim
Adrian Garza Adrian Garza - Young Manuel Ramirez
Matt Coleman Matt Coleman - Mysterious Man
Bob Allen Bob Allen - Warren Greenfield - Principal
Scout Harris Scout Harris - Young Girl on Train
Meredith Coleman Meredith Coleman - Teacher
Ashley Amstutz Ashley Amstutz - Student Friend
Josh Dickinson Josh Dickinson - INS Agent 1
Lee Ewing Lee Ewing - INS Agent 2
Steven Jones Steven Jones - Michael Robinson - Reporter