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Rhubarb Rhubarb (1980) HD online

Rhubarb Rhubarb (1980) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy / Short
Original Title: Rhubarb Rhubarb
Director: Eric Sykes
Writers: Eric Sykes
Released: 1980
Duration: 28min
Video type: Movie
A police inspector and a vicar blow off work to play a game of golf at the Royal Rhubarb Golf Club. The inspector is preparing to cheat: he even got one of his subordinates to help him score along the way. Then again, the entire game might just be in the vicar's mind.
Complete credited cast:
Eric Sykes Eric Sykes - Police Inspector / Groom
Jimmy Edwards Jimmy Edwards - Policeman
Bob Todd Bob Todd - Vicar
Charlie Drake Charlie Drake - Golf Club Pro
Bill Fraser Bill Fraser - Golf Club Secretary
Hattie Jacques Hattie Jacques - Nanny
Roy Kinnear Roy Kinnear - Home Owner
Beryl Reid Beryl Reid - Home Owner's Wife
Norman Rossington Norman Rossington - Church Organist
April Walker April Walker - Lady Golf Pupil / Bride
Nicholas Bond-Owen Nicholas Bond-Owen - Little Boy
Robert Carter Robert Carter - Baby

Final appearance by Hattie Jacques.

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    It is quite tempting to fill this comment with Rhubarbs, as that is the only word spoken in the entire programmer, however since there are other identifiable words to be read on signs, that would just be a load of Rhu.

    Eric Sykes writes directs and stars in this remake of his own 1969 Rhubarb. Jimmy Edwards and Hattie Jacques also return as the constable and the Nanny respectively. The great Bob Todd takes over the vicar part Harry Secombe (who was starting to concentrate on actual songs of praise during the eighties).

    Naturally the entire game of golf is chock full of sight gags, as Roy Kinnaer and Beryl Reid attempt to keep their nearby home safe from flying golf balls, April Walker seems to distract Sykes along the way with her long, long legs and all of the constable and the inspector's dirty tricks fail to get them anywhere against the vicar, who has the Lord on his side - at least up to a point.

    It's all not quite as naughty as Bob Todd's friend Benny Hill would have done it, nor is at funny as some of Eric Sykes' other shorts such as 'The Plank'. Not having access to the original for now, it is impossible to compare the two versions, but since characters on the cast lists are virtually identical, it would seem Sykes made very little effort to change anything. The ending is a bit of a cop-out, though or perhaps one should say a Rhubarb.

    Rhubarb out of Rhubarb