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Language: English
Category: TV Series / Animation / Action / Adventure / Comedy / Family / Fantasy
Original Title: Poketto monsutâ
Duration: 24min
Video type: TV Series
Ten-year-old Ash aspires to be the greatest Pokémon (pocket monster) trainer in the world. To do this, he enlists the help of many friends, and his own Pokémon, Pikachu. Together, they must search their world for new Pokémon, while avoiding the likes of Team Rocket, as well as other evil organizations, as well as battling rivals, and meeting legendary Pokémon.


Series cast summary:
Ikue Ôtani Ikue Ôtani - Pikachu / - 939 episodes, 1997-2018
Rica Matsumoto Rica Matsumoto - Satoshi / - 867 episodes, 1997-2017
Rodger Parsons Rodger Parsons - Narrator / - 810 episodes, 1997-2018
Kayzie Rogers Kayzie Rogers - Wobbuffet / - 770 episodes, 1997-2016
Unshô Ishizuka Unshô Ishizuka - Narrator / - 711 episodes, 1997-2016
Shin'ichirô Miki Shin'ichirô Miki - Kojiro / - 708 episodes, 1997-2014
Megumi Hayashibara Megumi Hayashibara - Musashi / - 692 episodes, 1997-2017
Inuko Inuyama Inuko Inuyama - Nyarth / - 689 episodes, 1997-2017
Christopher Collet Christopher Collet - Steven Stone 638 episodes, 2000-2016
Yûji Ueda Yûji Ueda - Takeshi / - 636 episodes, 1997-2015
Sarah Natochenny Sarah Natochenny - Ash Ketchum / - 562 episodes, 2005-2019
James Carter Cathcart James Carter Cathcart - James / - 548 episodes, 1997-2018
Michele Knotz Michele Knotz - Jessie / - 494 episodes, 2005-2018
Rachael Lillis Rachael Lillis - Jessie / - 426 episodes, 1997-2015
Eric Stuart Eric Stuart - James / - 436 episodes, 1997-2007
Veronica Taylor Veronica Taylor - Ash Ketchum / - 416 episodes, 1997-2006
Madeleine Blaustein Madeleine Blaustein - Meowth / - 409 episodes, 1997-2007

In December 1997, more than 700 Japanese children suffered seizures, vomiting, irritated eyes and other symptoms after viewing a flashing red background in the episode "Electric Soldier Porygon" from the Japanese version of the show. The show was pulled for retooling until April of 1998. "Electric Soldier Porygon" was only shown once (in Japan), and has never been shown again. The episode was dubbed for the American version with the offending animation slowed down and strobe effects deleted, but was never aired.

In the English dubbed version there have been notable fourth wall breaks by characters. In season 1 episode 26, when Gloom unleashes a foul odor everyone is repulsed, including Meowth. When Jesse points out that Meowth lacks a nose, Meowth says 'the cartoonist must have forgotten to draw it on!'. Also, in season 1 episode 27, when Team Rocket attempt to steal Drowzee and Hypno using a convoluted mechanism which fails, they just grab them using whips. When Jesses asks why they didn't do that first, James says that they have to somehow make the show 30 minutes long.

The GS Ball was originally going to contain Celebi until producers decided to make Pokémon 4Ever: Celebi, la voz del bosque (2001).

The names of Jessie and James of Team Rocket were changed from their original Japanese names due to cultural reasons. In Japan, they are known as Musashi (Jessie) and Kojiro (James), which is a literary reference to two rival Samurai.

In America, the television series debuted roughly a month before the games were released.

Following the attacks at the World Trade Center in the city of New York in the North American state of New York and the Pentagon in the city of Arlington in the North American state of Virginia on September 11th, 2001, the episode named 'A Scare in the Air' had been renamed 'Spirits in the Sky' out of respect for fans from states such as those (members of the United States) whereas the episode named 'Tentacool and Tentacruel' was not allowed to be broadcast due to its storyline involving a creature that destroyed skyscrapers (note: both this episode and at least two others not allowed to be broadcast due to the attacks were eventually allowed to be broadcast after the Cartoon Network was set to have episodes other than them broadcast on a regular basis).

(series 14) Iris is the first female traveling companion who doesn't get her bike destroyed by Ash and Pikachu. This is the first time this running joke hasn't happened since the start of the Pokemon series.

(series 8) This is the last season to have the original English dub voice actors.

The series uses a couple of sound effects from Star Trek: La nueva generación (1987): the Enterprise-D door chime (used when Ash's Pokedex was updated for the G/S Pokemon (season 2)) and the Enterprise-D transporter (used as part of an Electrode or Voltorb self-destruct).

"Pikachu's Goodbye" was not originally in the planned production but was created after the incident caused by "Electric Soldier Porygon." "Holiday Hi-Jynx" was originally to follow "Electric Solider Porygon."

The names of two Pokemon, Ekans and Arbok, are herpetological words, reversed.

The names of the Team Rocket members were obviously taken from two notorious Western outlaws - Jessie & James from Jesse James, and Cassidy & Butch from Robert "Butch Cassidy" Parker.

(series 18) The 59th episode in the series is called "Ash and Serena's First Date! The Vow Tree and the Presents".

The word Pokémon is derived from the Japanese words Pokétto monsutaa, i.e. Pocket Monsters.

The name 'Pikachu' is a combination of two Japanese onomatopoeic words: pika, the noise an electric spark makes and chu, the noise a mouse makes.

At nine seasons and counting (2006), this the longest running television series based on a video game and the longest running show ever on American network Kids WB.

The contents of the GS Ball still remain unknown.

Upon being told that Pokémon was going to be shown worldwide, director Masamitsu Hidaka decided to phase Brock out of the Orange Islands season, fearing American audiences would perceive him as a racist stereotype towards asians. However, when his character recieved strong positive reception, he was brought back into the series.

The Orange Islands (Second Season) is the only time a region has been made purely for the series and not based on the regions seen in the games this series is based upon.

Ash's starter Pokemon was going to be Clefairy but was swapped for Pikachu to make it appealing for boys and girls alike.

In the opening intro, Mew appears in which it didn't appear in all the episodes of the series. However, it appeared in Pokemon: The First Movie.

Although Pokémon is a series that internationally renews it's theme song style regularly with new singers, fans in the Netherlands have successfully battled for the return of singer Herman van Doorn multiple times over the years.

One of the very few animes released in the United States which has never been given an uncut Japanese language subtitled release.

The "outlaw puns" from the Team Rocket villain names (Jessie and James, Butch and Cassidy, Annie and Oakley, etc.) only exist in the English version.

Ash's last name, Ketchum, is a play on the words "catch 'em," as in "Gotta catch 'em all!"

The holiday "Kid's Day", as featured in the series, is an actual Holiday in Japan.

In the unedited/Japanese version of "Pokémon I Choose You!" after Ash said to Misty, "I'm okay," she slapped him. This was cut from the English dub due to network standards.

Two Pokémon soundtracks were released in the USA: 'Pokémon 2.B.A. Master' released on June 29, 1999 by 4Kids Entertainment and KOCH Records (This CD was also released in Quebec Canada, Germany, France, Portugal and Latin American), and 'Totally Pokémon' released on January 23, 2001 by Koch Records. Additionally, a Pokémon CD single entitled 'Pokémon World' was released on February 8, 2000 by KOCH Records.

Despite being a Japanese Anime, this show has always been targeted towards an American audience. This is because the video games Pokemon Blue and Red and trading card games were more popular in the USA than in Japan. Thus, the english versions of the first 4 seasons were made before the Japanese versions. Ash in the English versions name isn't Satoshi, and some names of pokemon are respelled english words. Not only that, the characters mouth movements match what they're saying in English, and sometimes they don't match with what they're saying in Japanese. However, 4Kids Entertainment did have a hand in changing the food that they eat.

In 2017 the spin-off "Pokémon: Chronicles" is the only Pokémon series that has never been broadcast in the Netherlands.

The first shiny Pokémon (a Pokémon with a different colour palette) to appear in the show was the normal/flying type Noctowl in the episode "Fowl Play". Ash would later catch it in the episode and have it remain with him until the next season.

The only flying and fighting type is hawlucha

It appears that Serena has a little crush on Ash. It is currently unknown if Ash feels the same.

Reviews: [25]

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    A 4. something on IMDb? It was better than that. If everyone's going to diss their childhood, w/e. But I'm not going to act like I didn't like I didn't watch the show and play the games every Saturday. The early episodes were best. Best episodes where the ones involving Charmander (and his forms to come), Primeape, The Cinnabar Island gym match, and the Indigo Plateau finals. Also that one where Ash fights the gym owner that has the Dragonite. The Johto episodes were just too drawn out. I mean, there are like 20 cities inbetweeen EACH gym battle, when they're all so close together in the games. It's ridiculous. And yes, those damn Pokemon were damn cute. By the end Team Rocket was just really annoying. But I just stopped caring near the end of it. They just kept adding to the list of Pokemon. First it was 150, than 250, and the list just kept growing higher and higher.......The games where better by the end of it. But it was still a fine fad, and still good for little kids.
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    Is there really any of us who doesn't suddenly feel nostalgic, with countless memories invoked, at the slight muttering of the words, "I want to be the very best, like no one ever was"? For those who lived in a cave, those are the first two lines of the theme song to the awesome anime, Pokemon. Most of us just remember the original Kanto Pokemon (Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Pikachu...), as the franchise's popularity embarked on a steady decline come the Jhoto Pokemon. Although still relatively popular today, let's face it-- Pokemon was, essentially, a fad.

    If you were like me, your life was pretty much based on Pokemon at the height of it's popularity. On the bus ride to school, you'd talk to friends about how you were able to catch Missingno. the following night and how your Charizard leveled up to 58. You'd hide your Gameboy in your bookbag during SSR (sustained, silent reading) or free time and play those games. At recess time, It was a rare occurrence you'd hear plain English speak on the playground... it sounded more of a zoo of "pika-pika!" and "meowth!" that we all just seemed to comprehend. While at home, you'd avidly tear open endless packs of Pokemon cards, then smuggle them to school, as they were illegal, and trade them on the blacktop, drug-dealer style. On the bus ride home from school, you'd secretly do a few more last-minute trades before racing home to catch the Pokemon anime series on the now-defunct Kid's WB. Glued your eyes would be to the television screen, even though you've seen the same episode numerous times and even had it on videotape. You'd eat Pokemon cereal, wear a Pokemon bathing suit, and you jumped for joy upon release of Pokemon: The First Movie. You obviously raced to the theater to watch it, and, of course, loved every second of it.

    Somewhere after that movie; however, your love disintegrated.

    Mentality drifted from "you're a freak if you don't like Pokemon," to "you're a freak if you do like Pokemon". Pokemon cards were handed down to younger siblings, thrown away, or sold; videos were ripped out and used as streamers; plushies were gifted to the family dog; and the games slowly lost their battery life sitting in your drawer. In many people's eyes, Pokemon were a thing of the past. Others stayed loyal to the franchise.

    This show/franchise totally needs a comeback. I don't know what's wrong with it now, but a reinvigoration of the craze would be awesome and totally interesting. Ash, Brock, and Misty need to ditch whatever lame friends they have now and just stick together, and Jessie and James need to become again a force to be reckoned with, not just the comic relief characters they are currently. I want to see Pokemon card booster packs being way over priced (I'm talking' 7.99, people!) and impossible to find due to popularity, not lack thereof. No matter how cool you think you are, you know you're at least somewhat interested in this craze making a comeback.

    The games are great, merchandise is readily available, and there's not much to improve about the cards-- I wonder if the problem lies in the show?
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    Whenever I think of Pokemon my heart sinks, but in a good way! It reminds me of my younger life (this is like four years ago by the way :P) This was easily my first and most-loved animes because it outlines my childhood from 10 - 14 when everyone liked it, not that everyone carried on liking it like I did. The original series of Pokemon is by far the best, and I really enjoyed the Johto saga, however recently Pokemon has gone down hill.

    The story lines are repetitive and so similar to the original series, and the newest one (Diamond and Pearl) looks to make things worse. I saw the first episode of it (in Japanese) and I loved it until the last 5-10 mins where I thought "Yey! No Ash or Team Rocket!" I should have kept my mouth shut. They crammed Ash AND Team Rocket trying to steal Pikachu.

    But afterall, it really is a children's epic story :) I just feel so bad that they've changed the voice actors after 10 years. It's really ruined it for me and I'm sure many other fans of the programme.
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    Pokémon is entertaining and fun. The XY and earlier episodes were the best. All of it is interesting and you get invested in the character although it has quite a few problems like resetting the series every few seasons and refusing to advance the plot. It does not seem to be ending anytime soon. The animation and battles are cool. It still is a good watch.
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    I still remember watching episodes from gen I through IV when i was younger on TV... I still watch it sometimes when there's nothing else on ^_^
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    Ah Pokemon,the hit video game, cards, movies and of course the TV show. Since I am a long time fan of the game, recently completing Pokemon White version for my DS, I started watching the show. My friends who have also seen the show say its pretty good. And I must agree with them. Whilst nothing spectacular, the show pretty much tells out the adventure of Ash Ketchum, who, when he turns 10, decides to go on an adventure to become Pokémon champion. These road trip stories are always the best for me as it never always takes place in one town. Now there has been several seasons, and about 17 movies (correct me if I'm wrong) and the fun factor is still there. It is a bit of a weird show if you haven't experienced any of the other Pokemon medias (e.g games, cards etc.) Whilst nothing perfect, this show is, and always shall be part of my childhood. If you are a die hard fan of the series, give it a watch. I'm 100% sure you'll like it...
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    This show has great action scenes, a great plot, great character development, and great philosophical messages!! It is a renowned and fantastic show!! I highly recommend this show to everyone!!
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    I have watched Pokèmon since I was 13, I absolutely loved the first series but then I lost interest when it got to the Johto (Gold and Silver) and Hoenn (Ruby and Sapphire) arcs. However it came back to me in the Sinnoh (Diamond and Pearl) arc where Ash has a tense rivalry with another trainer called Paul and no one could ever match their rivalry, not even his rival Gary Oak. It went downhill in Unova (Black and White) but was saved by X and Y as it became the beginning of Ash's finest adventure and continues further in Sun and Moon. If you love Pokèmon watch it, relieve it, believe in Ash and Pikachu as he goes on a quest to become a Pokèmon master. Yes the animation in Sun and Moon is simple but the characters and the Pokèmon make it worth watching and addictive for more adventures in Alola.
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    The first season has some thing ridiculous like 54 episodes and each season after that has the same amount! The original series of 151 Pokemon were by far the best, though for those of you that Finnish a show and go aweee i wish it wasn't over.....don't worry with Pokemon it never is.

    I grew up with this show and was recently at a friends house who has a 8 year old kid, his parents had been downloading the first season and this kid was LOVING it! Needless to say i proceed to sing the thyme song with him (which i still remember word for word and will bust out at parties when im drinking. why yes, i am 21) and totally kicked his ass at all the "whats that pokemon" ad breaks.

    Even now 15 years later kids are still loving this show, they don't care about any dodgy animation, what the hell does an 8 year old care about cutting edge HD animation for anyway? its the story line (admittedly a little repetitive, yet easy for its target audience of 3-14 year olds to follow) Even as a kid i remember loving this show more over any of the more advanced cartoons.

    If you've got a kid in the 4 - 14 age range, DOWNLOAD this show for them NOW! like i said with a stupid amount of episodes per season it will keep them entertained throughout their childhood and give them some great memories, in fact one of my best friends of 16years and i met over a pokemon card battle in the local park. I completely intend to introduce my kids, my grand kids and all my friends and family's kids to the show, to an 8 year old the graphics are irrelevant but the story is timeless.

    *Side note* re watching the show now.... theirs actually a lot of adult content covered by double meanings that kids will take innocently. Clearly written well for those adults out their being forced to sit through the show :P oh and Brock appears to get laid.......A lot!
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    This show is one of the best on the air! It is also the best Game Boy game ever made! It remains partially true to (the game.) It tells the adventures of Ash, Misty, and Brock as they search for all 150 Pokemon. There is only one word to describe this show: Great!
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    furious ox

    Pokemon is the best executed cartoons of all time. It's just so cool to watch. The humor is wacked and funny and the Pokemon are so cute. I just love that Pikachu, it's just so cute to watch at. Not to mention the fact that the Game Boy game is also an awesome thing. It's an awesome show, if you go buy your Pokemon game, also go buy a video of Pokemon too. You'll be surprised.
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    NOTE: So I was here to make my daily visit to do another reviews when I noticed to my surprise that the XY series seems to not have got a lot of good reviews with people saying the new characters are annoying, nothing has changed, to even one person hating the show just because it's not got any creatures from Diamond & Pearl. Bloody hell guys, what did you expect? It's goddamn Pokémon for crying out loud, either bugger off and stop wasting our loyal time or stop watching the show.

    Sorry about that anyways, I'm more or less here to quickly say that XY to me is possibly the best Pokémon series of all time. Honestly we loyal Poke fans needed a more refreshing series after the disastrous and not very fun at all trainwreck that was Black & White and this series delivered on every level.

    The characters are charming, Serena one of the finest Poke girls to come since I don't know, Dawn from D&P, Bonnie quite a funny characters that made me laugh my socks off and Clemont a really interesting character.

    Not to mention Ash being the most confident he's ever been in the franchise.

    Other characters are great with Professor Sycamore being my favourite Professor of all time and Alain one of my all time favourites and most of Ash's rivals were good too. (Did feel sorry for Trevor though, got knocked out of the league pretty early.) Team Flare are HANDS DOWN (and I do mean that) better here than in the games. Little old me felt their plan, their motivations were more developed and done better than in the games. Lysandre truly was a mastermind and he was pretty damn menacing to say the least.

    The animation is truly brilliant with episodes like the battle against Olympia, Kalos League battle against Sawyer and the finale of the Team Flare arc some of the highlights.

    And voice-acting from both English and Japanese sides were great (do have to admit, not too much of a fan of the dub's music though).

    So overall, XY is probably hands down the best Pokémon series of all time.

    There, I said it. Just don't throw tomatoes or broken TV's at me though because it's not gonna change my opinion.
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    A truly,truly wonderful anime,mix in a good amount of heart & music,kick up a little pokemon battling mayhem,& 2 main story parts make it a crumb of a bit better than the game,(Misty & Brock following with ash,the team rocket group),true contrary to popular belief it's not 80-100% accurate to the show,it's more 60% accurate,but it has been said that the show is based on the upcoming Yellow version,& the story changes are usually for the better,& the humor on this show is well paced in such as the known comic anime "Samurai Pizza Cats" so in some ways you don't have to be a big video game fan to enjoy this one.
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    Revisions of hatred here give me cancer would be nice if most user reviews were irrelevant compared to the BW season XY series greatly improved, improved animations, the characters are more interesting than the BW, the plot is the same but this is no surprise because the games are the same, except the development of Ash but he looks older, intelligent, etc. Serena's relationship with Ash is interesting and his passion for it is much more explicit than the other friends that are new, Team Rocket returned to comic relief many complained about the fact that they were too serious in BW at last is best, do not have a universal plot and that's good because it gives to have more creativity every episode, the XY anime is very good hope to continue like this, Ash seems more developed than the BW season he has a better development at the end of this series, not connect to the damn haters and have a nice fun and excitement as this this series offers beautifully.
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    I'll start off by saying that the first time I saw this show, I hated it. I liked Pikachu, but couldn't stand Ash and Misty. Their lines just seemed to exaggerated and obvious. However, after becoming addicted to the video game, I gradually gained a type of guilty pleasure of watching this show. After seeing the first episode, I started calling it a pretty cool show, but couldn't watch it very often (High School). Day off, and I saw "Pikachu's Goodbye," I was hooked. I have seen every episode and am now alienated to all the kids at school that dismiss Pokemon. This show does have its mature features if you look and listen close enough, and has a really good storyline. Do not dismiss this show like I almost did. It's definitely worth a look.
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    I started watching Pokémon back in about 2007,2008 or 2009, after I started playing Pokémon Diamond or Pokémon Platinum and have been getting more attached to Pokémon and loving it all more and more up to max ever since. Though I still watch as many episodes as I can as well as playing the main series games since it's all completely outstanding an fantastic and still I just love it all.
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    I used to love the Pokemon show when I was younger. Pokemon and Ben 10 were the reasons I got into aliens and supernatural things.

    I also have to admit Pikachu is super cute. If you have not seen this show I am telling you that you are missing out. I am surprised at how successful the franchise is even today. I have not seen much of this show but I happen upon it when it was on TV. I mainly grew up on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

    But the only reason I wrote this review was that I am just getting sick and tired of how this show is destroying other franchises which are similar to Pokemon like Digimon, Rise of the dual master, Yo-Kai Watch, and Bakugan. My request don't judge a book by it's cover. Those franchise might be similar to Pokemon but that doesn't mean they are a "ripoff". I mainly feel sorry for Yo-Kai Watch because it is getting bashed around by Pokemon fanboys.

    You can compare them if you do research and analyze the points. But don't call them a "Pokemon ripoff" or "Pokemon killer".

    Pokemon is good anime if you want to get your kids into anime but my advice enjoys these shows for that they are I have never seen Digimon or rise of the dual masters but still just enjoy them for what they are and don't make silly comparisons without research. Sign off
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    How do you even address a franchise as massive as "Pokémon"? The weirdest thing about this show is that I actually first started watching it during Season 4 or Johto League Champions. Nearly everyone agrees that was the worst season of the entire show but it was the one that actually got me hooked. I actually felt daring watching the anime and even started over a decade ago on a forum where I eventually became a character created by Kirbopher. Yeah, it's a very long story. I could probably write volumes about how much this show (or the franchise as a whole) has affected me. It reminds me of when Doug Walker said that people might act like they hate Disney when everyone really does love it and it's not some evil organization taking over the world.

    That's what a lot of people have said about Pokémon. In fact, that's even what I thought at one point, that it was some evil thing trying to take over the world, but I have seen so many people who love Pokémon and appreciate it as a work of art, which is what it should be. Something that has created literally millions of beloved fan drawings and animations should hold a special place in your heart. The reviews for this show were actually some of the first I read on this website, literally over a "decade" ago. It was interesting to see everyone's opinion and how everyone was complaining, but yet still coming back to it. It's ranked here as one of the best video game adaptations ever.

    I remember a kid or two at school who kept complaining about how pokemon fit inside pokeballs. People here have asked where pokemon come from and what their purpose is. They say it's childish and as an adult, it's just stupid to be into. That's the exact same thing people say about religion! I think they even have the same defense. People (I am religious, BTW) outright say that it doesn't make any sense, but if this is someone that fits your life and makes you happy, then just go with it. There was even a Simpsons episode that compared pokemon to religion. Every person should be allowed to live their lives as they see fit.

    Looking back here, I notice that this show has a higher rating all the time. Why? Because after over a decade, they finally put romance on the show! Yep, people went wild with the introduction of Serena. The main writer originally said he didn't like the idea of there being romance on the show and then he died and THEN they put romance on the show! It's hard for me to catch it nowadays, but I can always find it online. I was also fascinated by the sheer number of shippings this show brought. There are literally THOUSANDS of official names.

    My favorite would be Rocketshipping (though AmourShipping's great too) with Jessie and James. It's simply incredible the huge number of romantic hints people have found between these two characters as listed on Bulbapedia. I admit to losing count of the pokemon after the first 500. The show really does have great characters and memorable scenarios. Pokémon is even more popular than "Star Wars" on most websites. More voices should have cried out when the Nostalgia Critic crapped over it than when "The Phantom Menace" came out. I enjoy these characters and hope to catch up on the infinite number of episodes. May something so beloved live on forever. ****
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    I've been watching Pokémon since the VERY beginning and I feel no shame in saying Pokémon XY is HANDS DOWN the best Pokémon series ever, that gave me ALMOST EVERYTHING I'd want in a Pokémon series.

    The adventure of Pokémon XY is the most fun I've ever had in all 15+ years I've been watching Pokemon, as well as being the most emotionally invested with this journey having MANY tear jerking moments. Ash's Badge Quest this time around is much more exciting with AMAZING gym battles. Serena's TriPokalon story line was fun, I will say that Contest are more exciting, TriPokalons are more dazzling with Serena's with her final 3 performances bringing tears to my eyes!! Team Rocket reverts to how they were in Kanto being threatening but goofy villains. The villainous Team Flare had a MOVIE QUALITY arc. that I'll say is better than any Pokémon movie. However they're problems, for one the character of Clemont was demoted to extra after his gym battle with Ash where few episodes focused on developing his character until the last 30 or so episodes where he began to do more for the plot. Serena's Master Class TriPokalon was crammed into 1.5 episodes which could've been fixed if it was 3 episodes before losing to Aria (Who's performance we didn't even see which made the final all the more bitter). The Kalos League was rushed with Ash only having 2 full length battles (Despite both being very good) and the finale of the Kalos League with Ash losing after EVERYTHING was building up to him winning). Overall Adventure: 9/10

    XY introduced some of Ash's BEST companions to date with: Serena (Ash's childhood friend), Clemont (Lumiose Cities Gym Leader), and Bonnie (Clemont's younger sister). Each member of the cast developed wonderfully with: Serena growing into an independent, confident and assertive girl while maintaining her humility and never developing an ego. Clemont gained a lot of bravery traveling with Ash, adopting Ash's leadership to liberate his entire gym from Team Flare BY HIMSELF. Bonnie from a hyperactive girl into a more mature one playing a that was more than what meets the eye. Overall Characters: 10/10

    The Group Chemistry of XY is BAR NONE the best yet having INSTANT chemistry with each other and bonding over the course of the series becoming a family. The 3rd party interactions (Least featured) Ash/Bonnie have a nice sibling like bond with Bonnie admitting to loving Ash like a brother. Serena/Clemont interacted as much as Ash and Bonnie but are good friends with Clemont teaching her how to cook while Serena in turn would play nanny to Bonnie. 2nd Party Interactions (regularly featured) were fantastic with Serena/Bonnie having a relationship akin to sisters with Bonnie admitting that as she grew to love Serena like the sister she never had. Ash/Clemont have a bond akin to that of brothers or best friends with them agreeing that they are. Main interactions (HEAVILY featured) with Clemont/Bonnie who are easily the closest pair of siblings in the entirety of the series, Clemont has shown he'll quickly turn into Papa Wolf if Bonnie's in danger and Bonnie herself has shown that she has a big brother complex. Ash/Serena IMO have the most heartwarming relationship between Ash and any Pokégirl to date with how supportive they are for each other and being what makes the other succeed. Whenever either Ash or Serena are sad/unsure of themselves/depressed it was always the other to put them back on their feet with Serena being Ash's Inspiration, while Ash is Serena's Motivation. Even outside of how supported they are for each other, their interactions are still heartwarming and that's not taking into account the romance story line with Serena showing that she's in love with Ash, and Ash despite his naivety to romance having a lot of moments suggesting he may be in love with her too with their possible budding romance being a subplot in the series. Heck at the end of the series, Serena essentially confesses her love to Ash and THEY KISS!!! Overall the chemistry of this group is fantastic with each of them playing a role in the overall story showing that despite Ash and Serena were the stars, ALL 4 of them were equals in the end. Group Chemistry: 10/10

    XY Ash is certainly one of THE BEST incarnations of Ash to date. No longer is Ash the immature, incompetent trainer he was in Best Wishes. XY Ash is borderline uncharacteristically smarter than he was in the past proving to be FAR more competent and mature to the point where he's portrayed as being "The Ace" amongst his peers with his peers looking up to him and using HIM as the measuring stick to live up to. Now THAT is the In-Universe respect he's deserved for a while, on top of having actual character development (something hard to come by for 20 year old character). Ash caught a team of Pokémon that's VERY good on both paper and in action, consisting of: Pikachu (Duh), Greninja, Talonflame, Hawlucha, Goodra, and Noivern and by strength these guys are probably Ash's strongest regional team yet taking him all the way the finals of the Kalos League where he NARROWLY lost, pretty impressive considering Ash had to use a composite team to get to the Semi-Finals of the Sinnoh League. Portrayal of Ash (9/10)

    Overall: 9.5/10. An ALMOST flawless series, from it's fun journey to it's wonderful characters to Serena and Ash's romantic story line. This series had almost everything I'd want in a Pokémon series. The animation is beautiful, the gym battles were amazing, Ash is written to be a competent trainer, and the ending that was just beautiful. It DOES have problems but then again no series is flawless. The 6 MONTHS I spent watching this series were more fun than the YEARS I spent watching others. I HIGHLY recommend this series!
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    According to me, Pokemon XY is the best series Pokemon has ever launched. Every Poke fan was disappointed after Pokemon Black & White and wanted something good. Pokemon XY has provided what the Poke fans wanted.

    The character development of Ash is the best part of this series. Ash is more confident and is not shown stupid like he was shown in the earlier series.

    The other characters are great as well. Serena, one of the best Poke girls has a crush on Ash which is why she decides to travel with him. Bonnie, the small girl who is shown more mature than any other person in their group provides a funny element to the group. Clemont, the science guy is one of a kind. He is probably the first tech guy on Ash's side from the beginning. All of these people have learned something from Ash and admire him because of which they travel with him.

    All the new generation Pokemon are awesome. The starters are absolute delight. Introduction of Mega Evolution is one of the key elements in Pokemon XY which every Poke fan was waiting for. You would be amused by seeing the Pokemon Ash has in this series.

    Pokemon has really developed and its great to see this. Pokemon XY is personally my favorite series and Pokemon XYZ is no less.
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    I totally LOVE Pokémon still to this day.Some people say it's gone down hill and nobody watches it anymore but that's not true.A lot of people still watch it and play it and like some people,I don't make a fuss when a Pokegirl leaves because I know she's probably not coming back unless it's a cameo appearance.All I do is get use to them by giving them a chance and so far I've liked them all since somehow the three of them represents me in some ways like the rough side of Misty,the shopping side of May,and both the 'No need to worry' and girly side of Dawn.Pokemon is still pretty cool today.Not for a fact,it's just my opinion and maybe some other Pokémon fan's too.
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    Warning:Possible Spoiler Alerts

    I have enjoyed The Pokemon series since I was 5 years old. Although i agree that the story line is the same every series. I honestly think that there should be a Pokemon that takes Ash forward in time to show him his future and future Ash and present Ash join forces to stop an evil Pokemon. Honestly the fact that Ash should technically be 15 really angers me. The show still depicts him as a 10 year old however he has grown a bit taller and has a new voice actor. Pokemon needs to take a new direction like in the game. Compared to the show the game is amazing. The game X & Y puts you in Vaniville town where you get a starter meet your rivals and have a Pokemon journey and eventually become a hero and the Elite 4 Champion. Why cant they make the show based around the game? But at the end of the day im still happy they haven't shut it down. Well there's my opinion
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    While Ash's friend usually go away, there are new friends with new personalities and things to apprehend. Ash meets new people in every region he goes and travels with them, usually these things end up back.

    A monotonous gag is that Team Rocket appear in almost every episode to try to take Ash's Pikachu. They have been stalking him around a lot. Ash and his friends always succeed in luring them away but sometimes they have to work together to get through some things.

    Pokémon anime is still great in 2016. While not as great as the original series, which covers the Kanto, Orange Islands, and the Johto region, the Sinnoh, Unova and Kalos regions should still be pleasing to watch for all viewers alike, Highly recommended, goes deeper into depth than the games of the regions. While the games are fun, there's no live action, which is present in the TV Show.

    Episodes air in Japan usually a month before they air In the United States. I'm not sure if Pokémon is aired in other countries.

    You can see Pokémon on, anime websites, and some on YouTube, of course being taken down after a while due to Nintendo, blocking it on copyright grounds.

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    When I think of childhood, first thing that pops up in mind is Pokemon anime. I am a big fan of Pokemon games and anime. Pokemon is not limited only to catching and training them, but the bond which is shown between trainers and Pokemon makes you think about your love for animals as well. The friendship shown between Ash, Misty and Brock is an important aspect of anime.This is the cartoon that I would suggest for children of 7 years and above. In India Pokemon has made a special place in many childhoods including mine. Even if the Pokemon games are not played in India as they are played in Japan or US, but anime were successful in being the talking issues in school. For those who have not watched Pokemon and want to watch, I would suggest you to start from very first Episode, and after completion of every season watch the movie based on that season. Pokemon is not only limited to virtual world, but it also creates love and affection for nature and animals in young minds. So with an overall aspect of adventure, comedy, fighting, friendship, nature Pokemon ranks first in my list. When we think of first 5 seasons, they are like 'most awesome'. After the 5th season the two new friends of Ash (May and Dawn) played a nice role, but after 13th season the anime doesn't seem to go the way it use to go. The new characters are not as good as trio of Ash, Misty and Brock. If the company want to give importance to game characters then it is fine, but even the games are single character games, so keeping that way they can introduce Misty back. There are many unanswered questions in mind of Pokefans like 'Who is Ash's father?', 'What is in GS ball?'. The old Pokefans like me are finding the new seasons a bit disturbing, because we knew the craze of Pokemon for initial seasons. The fighting of Ash and Misty, madness of Psyduck. I sometime really hope to see Richie and Sparky back, even he can be great companion of Ash along with his journey. We really hope to see a great comeback of Pokemon anime.
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    Back at the end of the 1990s a show was born.

    That became the anime Pokemon.

    The show and movies is fresh after the end of the millennium.

    Ash is a young trainer that are out to fetch Pokemon.

    Now still other young trainers follows him.

    From Viridian City to the beaches and forests.

    You will root for the many different types of Pokemon.

    The villains Jesse and James steals the show.

    And a lot of Pokemon memes was born.

    If you seek some old school animated action and adventure see this.