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Language: English
Category: TV Series / Adventure / Family / History / Western
Original Title: Radisson
Duration: 30min
Video type: TV Series
The adventures of the French explorer and fur trader, Pierre Esprit Radisson.
Series cast summary:
Jacques Godin Jacques Godin - Pierre Esprit Radisson 1 episode, 1957
René Caron René Caron - Medard 1 episode, 1957
Pierre Boucher Pierre Boucher - Pere Ragueneau 1 episode, 1957
Boudha Bradon Boudha Bradon - Dutchman 1 episode, 1957
Jean Brousseau Jean Brousseau - D'Avignon 1 episode, 1957
Marc Forrez Marc Forrez - Medicine Man 1 episode, 1957
Bertrand Gagnon Bertrand Gagnon - Maj. Dupuis 1 episode, 1957
Michèle Lehardy Michèle Lehardy - Parisian Lady 1 episode, 1957
Roland Lepage Roland Lepage - Ferrand 1 episode, 1957
Andre Loiseau Andre Loiseau - Algonquin 1 episode, 1957
Gérard Poirier Gérard Poirier - Dubois 1 episode, 1957
Claude Provencher Claude Provencher - Herdsman 1 episode, 1957
José Rodriguez José Rodriguez - Iroquios Chieftain 1 episode, 1957
Raymond Royer Raymond Royer - Onenga 1 episode, 1957
Lionel Villeneuve Lionel Villeneuve - Pere Radisson 1 episode, 1957
Édouard Wooley Édouard Wooley - Parisian Host 1 episode, 1957
Jack Zolov Jack Zolov - Lone Indian 1 episode, 1957

TV debut of Percy Rodrigues.

-Dates de diffusion: Du 3 février 1957 au 26 janvier 1958 à Radio-Canada, les dimanches à 17h30. Il y a eu 39 épisodes au total.

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    As a child, this television series fascinated me. It was, in essence, a western, but it was unlike any other example of the genre on television at the time. It was not so much that it was set in Canada in the eighteenth century (when it was a French colony), though that was interesting. For it was the approach to the story lines that made it stand out - a drama documentary approach that employed, from time to time, a narrator. (Of course, the episodes were based on real events, and the principal characters were historical personages.)

    The majority of episodes were about incidents in exploration, and relations with the indian tribes. Interestingly enough, the details of everyday life were sometimes dealt with at length, including the construction of a winter shelter, hunting beaver, and the navigation of the great rivers by canoe.

    Indeed, the series had some superb outdoor photography. It all seemed to be more realistic than offerings like 'Gunsmoke', which seemed very much rooted in the studio. (Where the characters seemed to spend most of their time in the marshal's office or the town saloon.)