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Bomben auf Monte Carlo (1960) HD online

Bomben auf Monte Carlo (1960) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy / Romance
Original Title: Bomben auf Monte Carlo
Director: Georg Jacoby
Writers: Will Berthold,Werner Jacobs
Released: 1960
Duration: 1h 26min
Video type: Movie
The captain of a warship of a small Balkan state is used to follow the foolish orders of his queen. Her Majesty wishes to make a cruise to the Mediterranean, while the country is bankrupt and the crew is no longer paid. He decides to ignore her orders and makes a trip to Monte Carlo.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Eddie Constantine Eddie Constantine - Kapitän Eddie Cronen
Marion Michael Marion Michael - Prinzessin Marina
Gunther Philipp Gunther Philipp - Dr. Swaart
Gunnar Möller Gunnar Möller - Burg
Barbara Laage Barbara Laage - Olga
Dominique Wilms Dominique Wilms - Giuletta
Denise Grey Denise Grey - Contesse Tamm
Albert Préjean Albert Préjean - Ward
Viktor de Kowa Viktor de Kowa - Minister
Robert Falter Robert Falter
Heinz Holl Heinz Holl
Olga Pluess Olga Pluess
Marielouise Nagel Marielouise Nagel
Kurt Pratsch-Kaufmann Kurt Pratsch-Kaufmann
Harald Sawade Harald Sawade

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    Marion Michael was 20 when she made this film next to Eddie and as I can read in imdb's list of films, Marion was in her most famous film when she was only 16: Liane. I don't remember having seen the girl in the jungle in the 50s but I remember that one was sort of a scandal. Now in this Monte Carlo comedy I was reminded of her and strangely enough I recognized her after 45 years immediately. She is the one and only beautiful and entertaining decoration in this long forgotten German production. It is really a pity that Marion didn't enter the ladder of at least European success. She was a natural born comedian and definitely capable to follow the steps of for instance Lilo Pulver. She was obviously an amateur but once in a while I love to watch amateur stuff especially when they show early a maximum of future talent. Eddie is as usual in his early films, Gunther Philipp is quiet and has not so many lines but sings a song with the American in Paris Eddie. The mentioned director I don't want to mention. But Vive Marion ! But sorry: She died 40 years ago. (Instead of Constantin Hans Albers was in the first version, but I don't remember the girl.)

    Michael Zabel