» » Todd and the Book of Pure Evil Deathday Cake (2010– )

Todd and the Book of Pure Evil Deathday Cake (2010– ) HD online

Todd and the Book of Pure Evil Deathday Cake (2010– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Comedy / Horror / Sci-Fi
Original Title: Deathday Cake
Director: James Genn
Writers: Craig David Wallace,Charles Picco
Released: 2010–
Duration: 23min
Video type: TV Episode
The gang make plans for a surprise party for Curtis's birthday, while a Puritan girl uses the book to make herself a giant birthday cake that eats students on their birthdays.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Alex House Alex House - Todd Smith
Maggie Castle Maggie Castle - Jenny Kolinsky
Bill Turnbull Bill Turnbull - Curtis Weaver
Melanie Leishman Melanie Leishman - Hannah B. Williams
Chris Leavins Chris Leavins - Atticus Murphy Jr.
Jason Mewes Jason Mewes - Jimmy
Amber Cull Amber Cull - Martha-Ruth
Barbara Gordon Barbara Gordon - Older Older Martha-Ruth
Jeremy Walmsley Jeremy Walmsley - Troy
Amy Groening Amy Groening - Lacey
Nicolette Liwanag Nicolette Liwanag - Kimberly-Anne
Francis Fontaine Francis Fontaine - Minion One
Laura Lussier Laura Lussier - Stephanie-Faith
Blake Taylor Blake Taylor - Minion Dave
Brian Richardson Brian Richardson - Minion George

Opening scene, folks sing an awkward birthday song. At the time this episode was made, the "Happy Birthday to You" song was under copyright and could not be used without paying royalties to Warner/Chappell Music. At least that is what Warner/Chappell said. By 2016 a judge was declaring the song to be in public domain.