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The Beautiful People (2009) HD online

The Beautiful People (2009) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Comedy / Romance
Original Title: The Beautiful People
Director: John Commare,Doug McDade
Writers: John Commare
Released: 2009
Budget: $7,000
Duration: 16min
Video type: Movie
If expensive lunches, tanning, shopping, and bottle service at local night clubs was considered work; these two 'Beautiful People' would be CEOs'. On a day that will never escape them, two college co-eds' get cut off because of their reckless spending and lack of maturity.
Credited cast:
Matthew Bender Matthew Bender - Restaurant Manager
Dianne Bischoff Dianne Bischoff - Melissa Bookman
John Commare John Commare - Christopher Bookman
Vanessa Dewing Vanessa Dewing - Jessica Pearl
Bill Holland Bill Holland - Man at front desk
Steven James Price Steven James Price - Marc Pearl

John was "soiled" on by a bird on the second day of shooting.

Film was shot in the Sears Tower a month before it was named the "Willis Tower".

Steve and John met through a mutual acquaintance that took money from both of them and never paid it back.