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Bar Girls (1994) HD online

Bar Girls (1994) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama
Original Title: Bar Girls
Director: Marita Giovanni
Writers: Lauran Hoffman,Lauran Hoffman
Released: 1994
Duration: 1h 33min
Video type: Movie
Loretta is a successful lesbian writer of cartoons with problems in her romantic life with Annie. She is a habitué of a lesbian bar. One day she meets Rachel and they start a new life together. When J.R. starts flirting with Rachel, all the insecurity of Loretta rises in a jealousy situation.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Nancy Allison Wolfe Nancy Allison Wolfe - Loretta
Liza D'Agostino Liza D'Agostino - Rachel
Camila Griggs Camila Griggs - J.R.
Michael Harris Michael Harris - Noah
Justine Slater Justine Slater - Veronica
Lisa Parker Lisa Parker - Annie
Pam Raines Pam Raines - Celia
Paula Sorge Paula Sorge - Tracy
Cece Tsou Cece Tsou - Sandy
Caitlin Stansbury Caitlin Stansbury - Kimba
Patti Sheehan Patti Sheehan - Destiny
Lee Everett Lee Everett - Lee
Betsy Burke Betsy Burke - Cafe Waitress
Laurie Jones Laurie Jones - Laurie
Chaz Bono Chaz Bono - Scorp' (as Chastity Bono)

Chaz Bono's film debut.

Reviews: [16]

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    Thank god I am not a lesbian. If I were and these were the girls I had to choose from I would kill myself.

    I am a straight man but I know a lot of Lesbian women and they are nothing like the women portrayed in this film. The dialog is idiotic and shallow. We are never quite sure if the actress even believe they are gay. What is strange is they take a few shots at guys but end up acting like the worst stereotypical male in the universe, which actually comes close to very few of the lesbians I know.

    The music is so bad in the film but you actually look forward to it after a while just as an escape from the inane dialog. You almost expect to see a disclaimer at the end of the movie saying "No lesbians were used in the writing, directing, production, acting or anything at all"

    I have not talked to my lesbian friend in a few months but I will ask them if they have seen this movie and discuss it with them if they have. Being a straight male I may have missed the point of this movie but I don't think so. Black, white, male, female, straight, gay or bi a bad film is a bad film and this film reeks.

    Do yourself a favor if you see it in the video store don't rent it. Do a favor for everyone else and hide it so no one else can rent it either. It will be thankless but good for your karma.
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    Terrible terrible terrible film.

    The acting was atrocious.

    The storyline was weak. The subplots were just plain...bad.

    The lovescenes were boring.

    The characters were unbelievable.

    The sets were unrealistic and ugly.

    The music was horrible.

    The inter spliced "comic" was possibly the most interesting part.

    Good film to watch if you want to die of boredom.

    Any film starring a cowboy hat wearing lesbian police officer with the hairdo of a weather presenter in cowboy boots playing basketball called JR should be used as an alternative to corporal punishment.

    I think this is possibly the worst film that I have ever seen.
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    This was an amateurish film. It had the feel of a home movie. The characters were badly acted and as poorly crafted. As a man (I never thought I would feel so weird writing those words) it seemed completely unbelievable. What exactly were we, the audience, meant to think? Were we supposed to sympathise with the characters? I can't even remember their names. It deserves its very bad rating. a feeble movie, with dreadful acting and a dire script.
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    Early Waffle

    There are some bad films out there. Plan 9 from Outer Space. Jack Frost.

    But those films aren't trying to be good. They are low budget, and there are even types of people who purposely seek them out in order to have a good time watching them and laughing at them.

    This is not one of those movies.

    This movie is the kind of bad you see at a terrible high school play, where you are squirming in your seat feeling embarrassed for the poor young actress on stage making a fool of herself, and making even more a fool of herself for thinking she is terrific. No one wants to see this kind of bad. It just feels wrong.

    This movie feels like it was made by a "politically active", angsty 13-year-old with daddy issues. It's BAD.

    It attempts to simulate the feeling of an avant-gard stage play done with only one set, yet just reaches new levels of boredom and awkwardness for doing so.

    All the female characters are stereotypes a misogynist would have of a feminist, and all male characters are stereotypes a feminist would have of a male slave.

    And then the song: "Bar girls Bar girls, reach for the stars girls!" I wish I could unhear that song. I would give anything to unhear that song.
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    Director Marita Giovanni's film is based on a play by Lauran Hoffman. Hoffman's material may get tied up in psychobabble but she has an ear for entertaining dialogue and mercilessly avoids the archness usually associated with lesbian drama. Set around an LA Girl bar it focuses on Loretta (Nancy Allison Wolfe), a beautiful red-haired cartoonist, and her romance with actress Rachel (Liza D'Agostino).

    Wolfe's performance is droll and moving, and she manages to throw off the bad ideas Giovanni and Hoffman aim at her. She also deliberately approximates the glamour of Rita Hayworth from Gilda. Her apartment features the famous poster of Hayworth smoking, as well as a huge closeup of Lotte Lenya's eyes. The character of Rachel is less interesting though D'Agostino holds her own with Wolfe in their fight scenes. I also like Loretta's ditzy friend Veronica (Justine Slater), a straight woman `enchanted' by the idea of a lesbian affair. Those wanting to see a graphic sex scene will not be disappointed but it felt to me Giovanni cut away at a climactic (no pun intended) moment.

    The awful soundtrack suggests the film's low budget, as does the underpopulated bar, though this underpopulation serves Hoffman's incestuous roundelay theme. Note a cameo by Chastity Bono at Scorpio night.
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    Loretta (Nancy Allison Wolfe) is a successful lesbian writer of cartoons with problems in her romantic life with Annie (Lisa Parker). She is a habitué of a lesbian bar. One day she meets Rachel (Liza D'Agostino) and they start a new life together. When J.R. (Camila Griggs) starts flirting with Rachel, all the insecurity of Loretta rises in a jealousy situation.

    This romance in a lesbian environment is a movie for a very specific audience. This movie seems to be too much stereotyped, but lesbians, fans of soap opera or simply a viewer curious of a lesbian movie may not be completely disappointed and may have some fun. My vote is six.

    Title (Brazil): "Clube de Garotas" ("Girls'Club")
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    How do you like to see the same jokes over and over again? It's not funny and the characters all talk with the same tone. It also makes lesbians seem very promiscuous which is not true for all of us. I don't think the characters are really representative of lesbians. I'd go for "Better than Chocolate" or "Gia" for a movie that portrays real human feelings and don't look like they are acting.
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    This movie wasn't about girl on girl action, it really depicted the struggling life within the lesbien world. Their struggle for affection, their struggle to fit in and so on. Should have won some awards! I wish the actresses in this film were given a better push towards a successful acting career, I think some of them may have. 9/10
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    So--- go out and just make a movie.....why not make a good movie...the lead actors are's so boring I had to stop watching it. Horrible! The photography stinks. The editing is bogus! The writing is boring and egotistical....The directing is weak...I know lesbians are desperate for material but my GOD.
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    This is a very likeable movie about some lesbians looking for love, especially the main character, who thinks she might have finally found someone long lasting -- if she doesn't mess it up somehow. I would have liked it better if the acting and writing wasn't so amateurish at times; the likeability of the characters and (for some) the subject matter does make it worth watching. Besides, sometimes the unpolished and well tad bit bad quality of the film is unintentionally amusing. One question: why is the most sexy scene not one when one of the lesbians who actually like each other are together? If you like this, I suggest "The Incredibly True Story of Two Girls in Love," and "Desert Hearts."
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    It was a wonderful movie. Although it wasn't on a billion dollar budget, the characters were wonderful and the plot was fairly believable. One woman, Loretta, frequents a gay bar in search for a love she's never had. She meets Rachel. Neither Loretta nor Rachel are single but they are determined to make it work. There is a sort of love-circle between the women that frequent the bar and Loretta struggles to keep a hold on the one person who is there for her. It had a feel similar to the movie "The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in Love" (another beautifully crafted movie). I'd recommend them both.
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    Every so often in a movie you come across a characterization that goes beyond the theme and text of the movie itself and provides a portrayal of a character that could be taken as a whole and used as the basis for a separate movie. Such is the character of J.R. portrayed by Camilla Griggs which, surprisingly, is rarely commented upon by reviewers of this movie. Too often she is seen only in contrast with Loretta's feelings and as the antagonist but her character, her personality, what she's looking for and how she goes about it and about meeting her needs is unusual and she could be viewed separately and appreciated. My suggestion is to watch the movie through once and then watch it a second time, paying particular attention to the character of J.R., to how she relates to her newly come by job, her newly come by girlfriend and the others in her life including Loretta. I'm amazed that I haven't seen Camilla Griggs in anything else because she's certainly a talent.
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    I am 23 years old and just hitting my movie-watching prime (if one exists). What I mean is that I am finally able to watch movies and appreciate them for what they are. I have only been able to do this for a year or two. So, I flip around Showtime at 1:30 AM and see a movie called "Bar Girls"; could be soft-core porn! Hit the info; lesbian soft-core porn! Neither, but before I realized it, I was hooked in. If I looked at the entire work as a satire (which I did), it was phenomenal.

    After reading on this site that the playwright is pretty philosophical, I was a little disappointed that she probably wanted this movie to be taken seriously, but not so much so that it detracted from the movie for me. I could have done without Loretta's diatribes and the frustrating displays of anger, but all in all, this was not poorly acted. In addition, the comedy level was pretty high. I mean, as a heterosexual male, it is great to know that lesbians have hate sex too (I hope that doesn't qualify as a spoiler. This is my first time posting here, and I figure 11 years is long enough for an obscure movie). Corny ending, but the bar scene prior to the ending was hilarious.

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    This movie sucked ......BIG TIME. The acting was on the level of a soft porno. All the lesbians I've seen never looked this good.The characters were weak. The script was predictable. The lighting was bad. The scenes were framed awkwardly. This movie wouldn't even make a good cable reality show because this movie is surreal. The mocca-vanilla thing is cool,but frosty. I am a big Chastity Bono fan too and I missed her. I guess I was snoring at that point. When the Dyke pool player put the nine ball in her side pocket I almost lost it. Even the sex scenes appeared forced. I was starting to believe the two choco-vanilla twisted lesbians were not even lesbians at all! I couldn't figure out what these two actually did to make a living, hang out in a gay bar? I'm sorry, this movie is just plain awful!
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    Great film! Truly one of the first lesbian films to accurately portray lesbian life. The ups and the downs. Love this movie! Some very hot main characters. :o) A lesbian romp! Many lesbians will see many of their friends in the characters represented.
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    I was hoping for a few laughs when I got into the movie. What I found was something was more like a documentary (a day in the life of....). Having coached women's athletics for many years, I've seen a lot of the lesbian lifestyle and this movie came closer to portraying my view of a lesbian's life than any other that I've seen.

    Low budget? Yes. Absolutely. And the "bar" is embarrassing to the rest of the movie. Upgrade it just a bit and the movie gets quite a bit better. And the copette toward the end of the movie is a bit too stereotypical. Both in appearance and behavior.

    A very entertaining, but not a particularly funny comedy.

    Wolfe, however, is now high on my list of people that I'd like to meet.