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365 Boots on Ground (2005) HD online

365 Boots on Ground (2005) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Documentary
Original Title: 365 Boots on Ground
Director: Kc Wayland
Writers: Tucker Tillman,Kc Wayland
Released: 2005
Budget: $500
Duration: 1h 50min
Video type: Movie
Follow the personal experience of one soldier and his unit through the process of deploying to Iraq. See the daily trials and tribulations that are experienced through the eyes of a soldier. The journey begins with leaving a civilian life behind, saying goodbye to family and friends, and leaving to an unknown land. From beginning to end you will be carried with this soldier through good and bad times, through conflicts and celebrations, the friends, the foes, and all those in between. A year in conflict, 365 Boots on Ground.
Credited cast:
Jason Scott Jason Scott - Supporting
Jason Michael Scott Jason Michael Scott - Supporting
Danny Wayland Danny Wayland - Interview
Kathy Wayland Kathy Wayland - Interview
Kc Wayland Kc Wayland - Main
Mark Wayland Mark Wayland - Interview

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    I saw this at the Tiburon International Film Festival. Given the venue, I expected a San Francisco-ish, leftist anti-war propaganda piece. I was pleasantly surprised to see that this was a well balanced view of the reality of one soldier's experience in Iraq.

    The section showing video of Saddam Hussein's torturing of Iraqis was especially moving. People being thrown off tall buildings, their bodies then shown crumpling on pavement. A man shown, his tongue held by pliers, being cut off. Why haven't we seen this footage before??

    What I most appreciated, however, was the depiction of the mundane experience of the typical Iraq soldier, punctuated by moments of terror.