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Yrrol - En kolossalt genomtänkt film (1994) HD online

Yrrol - En kolossalt genomtänkt film (1994) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy
Original Title: Yrrol - En kolossalt genomtänkt film
Director: Peter Dalle
Writers: Rolf Börjlind,Peter Dalle
Released: 1994
Duration: 1h 28min
Video type: Movie
An ancient Greek philosopher's comical vision of how life in present day Sweden will play out.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Suzanne Reuter Suzanne Reuter - Mean fiancé / Mean stewardess / Carina / Mean friend / Woman without pants / Salvation Army soldier / Mother Cosbylainen / TV Host / Newly engaged / Mother / Imaginative woman at meeting
Ulla Skoog Ulla Skoog - TV reporter / Sofi / Abused woman / Blind gypsy / Salvation Army soldier / Young Miss Cosbylainen / Bitter waitress / Nurse / Woman at meeting
Peter Dalle Peter Dalle - Husband / Airplane passenger / Pilot / Man in bar / Bartender with no pants / Salvation Army soldier / TV salesman / Kidnapper / Tommy Hagström, tv reporter / Manfred Wunderbaum / Man playing tennis / Inventor
Claes Månsson Claes Månsson - Theresias / Male prostitute / John Stenbock / Pilot / Björn / Salvation army soldier / Blind delivery man / Dad Cosbylainen / Kidnapper / Antonius Block / Wolf / Priest / Skinhead / Man at meeting
Johan Ulveson Johan Ulveson - Platon / Taxi driver / Farbror Bosse / Hijacker / Air traffic controller / Jakob / Blind skinhead / Salvation Army soldier / Young Mr. Cosbylainen / Jonas Kalholm / Death / Bum / Topsy / Father / Nervous man at meeting
Stefan Sauk Stefan Sauk - Cancer / Dinkelspiel / Dr. Dengroth
Lena Endre Lena Endre - Begravningsdeltagare
Gunnel Fred Gunnel Fred - Begravningsdeltagare
Gunilla Röör Gunilla Röör - Begravningsdeltagare
Thomas Hanzon Thomas Hanzon - Runner
Lia Boysen Lia Boysen - Rape Victim
Helena Grossi Helena Grossi - Nurse
Sverre Schriwer Sverre Schriwer - Lasse
Martina Axelman Martina Axelman - Claes' admirer
Andrea Hjelte Andrea Hjelte - Claes' admirer

Reviews: [9]

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    As a swede, I know and love the comedians in this film, but even so, I believe I would have loved it even if that wasn't the case. This is a bunch of sketches put together with a red line through it; different people. The script is so hilarious, just think of the line "don't include me in our relationship". The actors are superb and deliver the really, really queer lines as if they took them out of thin air. Me and my friends are using this movie all the time in everyday conversation and people around us are going insane from listening to us saying "you wanted to. and I said yes" - "yes?" - "YEAH! And then it felt wrong". If it's not funny reading it (I am laughing my ass off) just go see the movie and you'll never want to let it go!

    And by the way, if you like this it's not certain you'll like johnny English. this is not at all the same thing. I love this movie and I never even laughed while watching Johnny English.
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    Don't know how anyone can not like this completely innocent movie. Its just a sign of how serious people can be, okay serious is good but not all the time. This movie just brings out the Swedish humor in a perfect way and it makes me laugh. To call this movie boring I cant understand, this guy/girl cant have seen the movie. Its the details that makes this movie for me, the story in itself is nice but its the small details that makes me happy inside. See this movie and make your own thoughts about it. Take my advise and do not be discouraged by the "boring" comment. This movie is well worth to see. thank you for listening and watch as many movies you can. :)
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    Peter Dalle has a way to twist a movie to the extent that the beginning is being forgotten. He begins with a very simple story and ends up with something else that is just as simple. It's just that the way to the end is... special (in a very good way). This is exactly what he has done in "Yrrol" - it is impossible to keep track of all the twists and turns. I have seen this movie more times than I can count and I discover something new every time I see it; references to other movies, jokes that I never thought of before or just a comment to the society. This is a movie that never gets old and I can certainly recommend it to everyone who enjoys a good laugh.
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    Rose Of Winds

    This is a very good Swedish comedy. The movie is small sketches that becomes a movie. Everything is funny (more or less) except the sketch with Stefan Sauk. Peter Dalle's script is excellent and the actors (Peter Dalle, Claes Månsson, Ulla Skoog, Suzanne Reuter, Johan Ulveson and all the other minor actors) are very good. Peter Dalle has also directed this movie and he does that with no complains.

    My vote for this movie is 9/10.
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    'Yrrol' may not have had an international target audience and limited release abroad, but it will always remain one of the native-made Swedish films closest to me. From the very first moment to the crazy credits it's a genuine giggle marathon. Through various sketches with innocent satire and playing a lot with stereotypes, the Lorry-gang (movie title obviously made by flipping their name) smoothly tells their message of what we people desire most: a feeling of being together.

    Should you come across a texted version, it will be well-invested two hours of Swedish cinema humor at its peak. 10/10
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    I think that this movie is rather funny, especially if you enjoyed their TV-show "Lorry". The movie is a bit unstable but the overall result is good.

    Hopes to see Peter Dalle and the rest of the bunch again. P.S Check out the movie "Ogifta Par" by Peter Dalle, it is just as good.
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    Some very good scetches and great acting, but as a whole... Well, I mean, it's great as a TV-show but it's not complete enough for a film. The sketches are good, some very funny, but desperately glued together. Anyway, as I said, great acting, overall it's a good comedy.

    3 out of 5.
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    Wow, this movie proves that Swedish humor is no laughing matter. Overlong, boring and talky... that's it.