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End of the Harvest (1998) HD online

End of the Harvest (1998) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama
Original Title: End of the Harvest
Director: Rich Christiano
Writers: Rich Christiano
Released: 1998
Duration: 53min
Video type: Movie
An atheist philosophy club at a college harasses a Christian, Scott, who claims to have inside knowledge of when the world will end. To vindicate himself and "defeat" the athiests, he prepares a presentation based on a bible study he finds in the library. Although initially confident, Scott begins to have doubts due to the theoretical nature of the study. Meanwhile, his buddy Matt (who is having prophetic dreams of his own) is frustrated because he feels Scott is uprepared for the presentation and that the responsibility will fall on him to bail his friend out.
Cast overview, first billed only:
David A.R. White David A.R. White - Matt (as David White)
Brad Heller Brad Heller - Scott
Lance Zitron Lance Zitron - Derek
Kevin Downes Kevin Downes - Jess
Blanche Tosh Blanche Tosh - Katherine Bartell
Kenny Jackson Kenny Jackson - Greg
Franklin Neely Franklin Neely - Frank
Jerry Williams Jerry Williams - Jeffrey Bartell
Zac Heath Zac Heath - Todd
Andria Wilson Andria Wilson - Lori
Mike Wixted Mike Wixted - Scott's buddy
J.D. Cariker J.D. Cariker - JD
Nina Shockley Nina Shockley - Student in Hall
Greg Smith Greg Smith - Student in Hall
Allan Jackson Allan Jackson - Student in Hall

Reviews: [5]

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    Thought provoking. As Christians we know we are not perfect. We muddle along through life just like everyone else. The big difference is - faith. Hope in the things not seen. This is a very compelling story about 3 friends and their journey to share Jesus. Everyone makes mistakes. Christians aren't forgiven easily by their peers - but Chrisitians DO forgive. This film is a little about friendships and a lot about walking the Christian walk. Not just talking the talk. I would recommend this film - it was a very well put together movie. The actors do a great job. Young Christians would benefit from watching this film. And maybe some veteran ones as well.
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    Seriously, this is probably one of the greatest movies ever made.

    Let's run down the checklist of requirements needed for BEST MOVIE EVER:

    1. Christians versus Atheists? CHECK 2. Debate over the end of the world? CHECK 3. Boasting dude who "got around" with the ladies claiming to know the exact date when the world will end? CHECK 4. Dreams/visions where a main character is handed a scythe by a long-dead farmer? CHECK 5. College Campus? CHECK 6. Big debate in classroom where people actually say things like "Preach on, brother." in the most serious voice possible? CHECK 7. Shocking reveal that old lady who came to debate, and was highly doubtful of Christian claims, is actually related to long-dead farmer from dreams/visions - and actually supports the Christians? CHECK 8. Hugely great moments of confrontation in nearly EVER scene, where Atheists continually mock and ridicule Christians? CHECK 9. Cheesy music? CHECK 10. Stern nodding from Atheist heathens who have had their minds blown by Christians? CHECK

    There you have it. This is a piece of cinematic gold. Watch it. Please.
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    End Of The Harvest is a film taken it seems from a sermon about the end times as conceived by fundamentalist Christianity. The setting is a college campus where the campus philosophy club has been turned into a hotbed of proactive unbelief whose mission in life is to marginalize Christianity and the Christians.

    David A.R. White is a leader of the Christian group and he's feeling reluctant to challenge the atheists especially after his fellow believer Brad Heller has found a long hidden paper written a couple of generations past by another believer who had a more definitive idea of when the return of Jesus will be.

    The campus atheists are ready for Heller, they've researched his life and unearthed a few disturbing facts that they can nail him with. Heller gets wind of it and declines to debate rather abruptly.

    White however pinch hits for him and using the tactic that Antony used about burying Caesar and not praising him, turns the tables on the atheist bunch and gets the whole audience in the mood to maybe receive Christianity. All the time while having a recurring dream about a farmer harvesting his crop in a field.

    You can turn into any of the shows on Christian television and hear a sermon on hidden mathematical codes in the Bible which White says are what the man who wrote the paper has done. I daresay you or I or anyone else could come up with a similar type code showing anything we want. Religion whatever else it is isn't an exact science.

    The film while sincere is hardly a final word on the subject.
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    I bought "End of the Harvest" in a DVD bargain bin (five bucks) last year, just hoping for a decent Christian-themed movie. After starting the movie, I was drawn-in by the characters and situations that were presented in the film, and I found two different themes within the movie.

    The setting is on a college campus, and the main theme of the movie surrounds a study/essay of calculating the exact date of when Jesus will return and the world will end. The other theme involved a heavily promoted campus debate between Christians and non-Christians. This story was stronger and much more compelling to me, as it related to how to prepare yourself, as a Christian, to defend your faith. The two stories are tied together by a re-occurring dream that the main character has, involving a man in a field sifting wheat.

    It was easy to relate to the characters in this movie, and the situations that they were up against. I tend to be a little harder on Christian-produced movies, as they are usually low-budget, and the stories are usually lack-luster and "cliche-ridden". But this one was different. I found the acting and production values to be pretty good for a low-budget movie and the story and situations were interesting and realistic for the most part.

    The movie does have a sort of 80's/early 90's feel to it, but I think it has aged pretty well. I felt that the "end-times" theme was a little cheesy, but with the recent passing of the December 2012 hype, it sort of relates to our times too. And the stronger theme of movie involves standing up for what you believe as a Christian, and that relates to any age.

    Some actors will be recognized from 80's TV, and recent Christian-themed hits such as the popular movie "Courageous". I can certainly recommend this movie to anyone who likes Christian-produced movies, as this one is better than average. I gave it a 7 instead of an 8 only because of the slightly-cheesy dream subplot with a sort of corny "twist" ending. But overall a good watch.
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    just watched it on no cost...brought tears to my eyes...decided to go to Christian to watch it again and discovered I had to purchase it to watch it ....this also brought tears to my eyes....the Word of God is it should be....first time viewers are not likely to pay for that one word or phrase that they need to become believers...I have watched several of these movies and that,combined with my Bible studies are what makes my faith ever stronger..the time grows shorter by the day and your movies change non believers to believers to be sure...just like they did to wonders how many more poor people can be saved by your good works if only you made them available to all at no charge online.... excellent movie...God bless you for your works....nuff said